Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Basic Tips to Safe Shopping Online

I decided to give up on the Gucci waist pouch as the seller online was not too honest a person and there were actually buyers who has claimed to receive fake stuff. Not just one but quite a few of them.

Here are some tips for you to consider while getting things online.

With further observation, the seller also used the same pictures for some listing and that's not right. These are just some tips for safe purchase online that I will like to highlight. I felt lucky to have time to consider through as I do have the tendency of rushing through things that I really want. So take some time to think and look through it. Unless you're 101% sure that the item you want looks like the picture and you've ever dealed with the seller with other items. Even with the thousands of positive rating, you never know that the person might just be selling knock offs that looked so good that you might not even know. This applies for brandless items or anything that you're planning to purchase. ^.^

Do your research well. I don't know why but maybe a gut feeling tells me theres something wrong. I just kept going back and forth to look at the pictures and others that were posted else where. It's very important to observe every details and corner of it to make sure you have a sure win case if by chance they send something that does not look like the pictures.

Pricing is not always a good judge of whether it's real or fake. So do not be fooled and I've seen fake stuff posted online for crazy prices.

Contact the seller to ask for all the information that you need. Through their response, you get an idea of what kind of person you're dealing with. It was the first alert I got after contacting about the item.

These are just the basic rules to shopping online. =)

So eventually I got myself yet another Fendi Bag.. I wonder if it's fate but at times when I'm not thinking of getting it, it just happens. Into my 3rd Fendi without thinking!? How can that not be fate? ^.^ Early Merry Christmas to me !!! ^o^ hohoho~

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