Thursday, December 03, 2009

Gucci Sale Thumbs Down

Hi, I'm back from Gucci Sale and Coach and Burberry and whichever boutique was on sale.

It's the time of the year for giving and sharing. LOL! For now it's just giving, giving to me me and me. Even on my last trip, I ended up spending more $$ on presents and not me. So I think I deserve a "me" time.

Ok! Reviews on the Gucci Sale that I've anticipated for so long. One word, bad.. (well) that is if you happened to have something you want that's on sale then it's good but since I can't find one that I like (on sale) then it's bad. ;p However, I think the one that was held during GSS was better with more bags or wallets with the sale tags. Prices are still the same and there's no changes from the GSS sale. In taka, it's more crowded as there's additional 10% for Taka card holders. Thumbs up for that. ^.^

You may have a rough idea of the bags on sale from the Gucci US website.

Still, this will not deter me from getting my hands on this >>

It's an image I got online to let you know exactly what I'm aiming for. It's a beauty and so casual. My "hunting" mode signal is very strong now and I'm hunting for that. =)

This is a classic, under consideration too. Except I love a bag with structure but somehow this one kinda slowly grows on me. It's like a mix of practicality and style without worrying about which outfit to go with it. It matches literally everything.

This picture doesn't seem right but it just have to do. I'm more interested in this than the one above. In real, this looks good but this picture from google seems off, I don't know. Anyway, if you happen to notice that all the bags I like are kinda out on the market for years. I don't believe that fashion will go out of style but it's how you wear it that matters. Things you love will always be in style. (wink)

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