Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Gucci Sales!!

Gucci Sales Start today and I'm gonna head down to Ion later to check it out. I promised myself that I will get the waist pouch on the next sale and this is the next sale already. Sadly, my bank a/c is still not fat enough. Sigh~ Well, I'm gonna see what are the discounts like before making a decision.

It's strange that I don't see people carrying it around.. Partly it is quite small and my long wallet will never fit into it. Still, it's great when I'm just going out running errands and especially on my lazy Sundays. In addition, it's great for holidays too! I gotta see what colors they have and surprisingly now I'm in favor of the men's range of colors. It's like a metalic grey color with orange grey strips. It's a little dull but unique.

I can't find the color online but they have one in pink.. cute but not me. I have tons of pink stuff in my wardrobe but really, I'm not a pink fan. Those just happen to look nice in pink, thats why I got it.

OOoooo so exciting.

Just this afternoon, I found a skull scarf that I have been hunting around online. Only S$6, woopie! It's amazing the kind of bargains you can get online and it just takes a bit of effort and fate to find it. I'm definitely looking forward to receive it.

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