Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Only Good News, No Bad News in My Life!

My busy week is starting to slow down a little and I finally finish my reports for last week. Now I have new reports waiting already ... but it's ok, those can wait. ;p

Some good news and no bad news.. lol!

My 大嫂 is "preggy" so I'm going to be 姑姑 next year. Yeah! Then there be a baby in the house for me to play with.. yes, I'll just play with your baby and let you know when it's pooping. muwhahahahooooo

I've been a bad girl and been buying stuff AGAIN. Damn. They are all not here yet and all hell breaks loose when they arrive. >.< My friend today was like telling me how sad she was about her bonus. Apparently, bonuses are a joyous occasion but when you literally use it up for you credit card bills..ah huh! Yes, bad bad bad.

So I told her...


LOL!!!!! She literally did not know whether to cry or laugh about it. ;p

Anyway, I pretty much can't wait for my bag to arrive and other nitty gritty little stuff that I might have forgotten about. 

:: Loots ::

I recently got this eye brow pencil as my old one has finished. It's quite cheap and you can easily find it at watsons. I was using the eyeliner and I loved the black glitter color. Hence I decided to try the eye brow pencil in a medium brown.

Sadly, this is disappointing. The color was ok but the application was hard. I could hardly get the color on the skin. I had to really rub it back and forth several times before there's any color.. So sad.. I might just get something else but in the meantime I'm stuck with this. In addition, my hair color is too light and this just won't work.

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