Thursday, January 14, 2010

Goodbye to You, My Trusted Friend

Today is a sad day.. well not for me but for a dear friend. She just lost her pet today and we both thought it'll be fine after it's surgery last night. All seemed well as it tried to hop out of the carrier and started grooming itself. We fed the antibiotic and back into the cage it went. However, it looked weak in the morning and an sms in the morning told me it was gone.

"You will be dearly missed by your beloved mummy"


I recently got quite some items and there are more but I didn't take pictures of them.

This nail polish looked black but if you look closely, there are green glitter in it. In certain lighting it looks purple or blue. ^.^

My hair ends now are really dry and it can't be helped when I've colored more than 3 times in just 6 months. So I decided to try this hair mask to see if it will help a little. The smell is just TDF.

That was a gift.. so cute. I keep it by my desk all the time. ^^

I'm not sure if I've posted it but well since it's in the bunch of photos.. Christmas pressies. ^^

I was tempted to get a sling bag this after from Mphosis. It's pretty and so ideal for travelling but it set me back a little as a simple black bag cost $41. -.-" Sigh~ My trips is slightly more than a week to go and I don't really want to be shopping right now. Although the cny mood is really kicking in. Get it? Cny Shopping, yes? LOL! So far I've got 4 t-shirts (if the 3 that I ordered comes in time) and zero bottoms. Well, I have just ordered one, so maybe that counts and if I win the shoes on ebay, I pretty much have enough of purchases. *sweat* I'll probably get more if I can find any on my upcoming trip. I just hope that the cold winters wouldn't be as bad when I'm there. >.< Maybe I'll settle for the $10 pouch I saw at another bag shop instead. ^^

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