Sunday, January 31, 2010

Survived Shanghai... well almost


After a week in Shanghai, I'm finally back! I didn't really quite miss the place besides the macau egg tarts and xiao long bao. Not to mention, I almost felt sick when I was there and I brought it back with me. I knew it was a matter of time, given the dusty air and literally it's gloomy all day for a good whole week. On 1 or 2 mornings, I was lucky enough to see the sky. >.< *cough cough sneeze* I'm gonna drown myself with vitC for the next 2 days...
I will put up a post on Shanghai soon but there's not much sightseeing except for the sights of the city and shopping.. shopping more shopping. I also broke a personal record that I hope not to do it again (shall reveal that in the next post). 

Ok, it seems like there's some really cute stuff coming up and has already been launched.

Such as ... ...


The new LG lollipop! Damn I don't mind getting this as a spare phone.. my iphone was really bulky in my little pouch lor! I need a cute, slim phone. ;p It's cute la! Admit IT! Look at the colors, look at the lights and cute pictures!! Gotta wait for the price to drop though -.-"' I do not enjoy being the first few to be chopped off my hard earn $$$.

The inside is white one.. so niceeeeeee >.<

This baby might just be next on the shopping... maybe ^.^

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