Sunday, January 17, 2010

To Share or Not To Share?

I'm currently eyeing bidding on a baby phat sneakers. It's awesome-ly cool! LOL! I don't even know if that word exist but WTH. I've always been crazy about high sneakers and I decided to take the plunge after trying it out at a store I happened to accidentally walked in. It was retailing at $130 after discount but I got a super duper good deal on EBay. I missed it by an hour the first time it was listed and I really wanted to punch myself for that as I could have gotten it before I leave for my trip. Ah well.. at least the seller was kind enough to relist it again but I wasn't ready to click on the buy it now price. SO! I shall try my luck and bid it (starts humming MJ song...beat it! beat it!) Ah hem~

Ok, lets see what's interesting on Saturday. I first woke up with my glass of water .. it's a habit I have every morning and sat down with my newspaper. Yeah~ sounds so "old" lol! Anyway.. a small little news title stopped me from flipping the page and it stated that 9 out of 10 students are actually bullied in school. Sigh~ it's sad to read such stuff and it really worries me to think that my child might just be one of them. Well~ not that I have any yet. -.-"' Still! It's crazy and I'm not surprised that it might happen. Children or even adults do it too. It's the kind of self justification that they need in order for them to cover that insecure side of them and always at the expense of others. They either say you're fat or you look weird or you're the teacher's pet (rolls eyes), the list goes on and on. I had a nice Primary School life where everyone was really good with every other one. Of course we fought but it was all fun and no threat. Till I got till secondary school where this one girl thought she was so pretty that she had to be the leader of the pack. It was my first taste of bully but mild in comparison to what kids nowadays have to face up to. I told myself to be better and make her feel worse. Of coz I didn't do anything to her but I simply started to like all things pretty and fashionable. ^.^ I was even more shock by the fact that the teacher in one of the experience shared by a student actually made fun of his inability. Humiliating him in front of the class .. trust me, not all teachers are holy saints and I had my fair share encountering a few. I remembered in Primary school I was quiet and sometimes don't even know what I should be doing. This teacher came along one day pushing me towards to table for not doing my homework well. What??? I wasn't sure of what went on but I started understanding only after I grew older and by then, the event has been stucked in my head ever since. I hated her back then and she would eye me suspiciously and asked questions thinking I was up to no good. -.-"' Gosh! Then in secondary school, a classmate of mine was told to give up on Geography because she didn't get a good grade for her prelims. Reason being, she would pull down the passing rate of the subject and in turn cause the teacher some kind of inconvenience what not. Even till this day I've read about similar occurance shared by others. It only makes me wonder what kind of dedication can teachers give and the kind of discouragement that students go through on top of the increasingly difficult curriculum.

Ok, enough of the education blar blar yada yada.

I got back awhile ago and I had a late dinner with Joe. The ban mian we had was amazing.. best soup so far. Yum! We always go there for the noodles and today an old lady came by and tried to sell tissue. We declined but she persisted and told us that she didn't have kids and she only wanted to sell us tissue. She then said that she was hungry and she needed the money to eat - repeating the above after time after another. So Joe decided to tell her that if she was hungry then she could sit at the next table and he will pay for her noodles. She was reluctant at first and said that it would be better if we bought her tissue. Obviously, she wanted the cash but later agreed and went about asking every other coffee shop person she saw but they just told her they don't sell noodles. I looked and realised that no one seemed to be bothered about her and somehow I kind of pity her. Unfortunately, what happened next proved me wrong.

After what seemed like 10 minutes, she walked back and sat down at the table and thanked us, telling us she had ordered. The noodle lady came and almost immediately I heard her shouted at the lady. I turned back to look and she kept raising her voice telling her she wanted yellow noodles and it was mee hoon kuey. The lady kept quiet and walked to us as we beckon her to come over. We gave her the money for the noodles and told her to change it. The lady then explained that the old lady approached her and told her she wanted what we were having and it was ban mian. When she cooked it, she didn't want it and said she wanted yellow noodles. In the midst of her trying to tell us, the old lady got defensive and shouted at her to go ask the chef that she had said yellow noodles and not to talk nonsense. The people around us was all looking and at that moment I realised why she was abandoned. Somewhere in me, I felt angry that she talked with no respect to others even when being given a free bowl of noodles should be a blessed feeling. Like Joe said, those who are truly poor do not choose what they eat but take whatever they are given. In addition, she still shouted at her to change the noodles quickly when she stopped to talk to another store owner. (faints)

We shrugged it off and treated it as a good deed done but another thing happened, this time I heard a phone ring. I thought it sounded like it came from behind me but I thought to myself that a poor person couldn't possibly have a phone. Then Joe saw her turning to the side to look at her phone. I turned back and all I could think of was disappointment. At the end of all these, she thinks that she can use all these lies to cheat people out of their money when in fact she's only making things worse for herself. I will still continue to help those who I feel needs help but what she did was just unfortunate for her. Even with the food on my table, I feel blessed in my life but I doubt she felt the same way.

Ok, time to hug my pillow and dream of sweet things. ^.^ Off to the pasar malem later.. hehehe

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