Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Always read the fine prints..

The banks seemed to send bills fairly on time and there I saw it, a charge from my favourite game website that seemed odd. I haven't bought games online since the last 2 I got that I've yet to complete even half of it. Why was I charged the price of a full game when I usually buy them at a discount?!

So I investigated and realised that the free membership they gave me the last round wasn't that free afterall. Ah well, I enjoyed buying one of my games for less than $5 and I didn't know that the offer has expired. So I need to pay for one full game to enjoy my membership every month. Clever of them to keep my details and charge me accordingly.. -.-"' Well, I'm gonna get one more game and cancel the membership. Grr!!

Btw, if you love to play games then you should get your games online. No, I'm not asking you to dl from bit torrent or what not. I don't even know how to use that.. lol! I buy my games direct from gameshops online.. it's really cheap. What you pay outside (like $29.90 a game) can be bought online for $5 if there's a promo or a full game on my recent card bill is $10. Even if the stores were to go on sale, 1 game can easily cost you $19.90. Not to mention, the popular ones are never on sale.

Tip: Buy games online but check the fine prints. LOL!

I just finished watching an episode of 女人我最大 and I do not recommend this show if you have an impulsive purchase behaviour (like me). I've been hunting for an eye gel and that show was "research". I might consider trying out some of the pharmacy brands as expensive eye creams are not necessarily good.

Ok, off to download my new game ^.^

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