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Happy Lunar New Year!!!

What has everyone been up to? 
For me, it's as usual.. visiting, visiting and more visiting. The weather was seriously hot and I actually brought a fan out to keep myself cool. Well, not that it even kept me cool... -.-"' Surprisingly, this year I did not eat as much as compared to previous years. However, I'm looking forward to this weekend where I can have my favourite Yu Sheng (nom nom nom..). I <3 <3 <3 it and I'm gonna have more shark fin too! hehehe... slurp ;p~

Anyway, I went to river ang bao on new year's eve with Joe. They had some China tourism fair there but I found it quite boring. Although the uncle ringo was amazing - the rides were unbelievable and it looked fun. Yeah~ I only look coz I can't take all these rides. I'll see stars if I do *_*

Wow, look at those lights! I took that picture from Marina Sq and you can see the construction that's still ongoing for the MArina IR. It's amazing to see the hotel structure. Magnificent! I could see a glimpse of it from my bedroom window. ^.^

A closer picture of the hotel from the seats on the floating platform. Look at that crowd down there.. some performance from China and Taiwan.

I literally got dizzy just looking at it. There were only 3 kids on it and I applaude them for their bravery. I actually stood there waiting for them to get off it to see if they would walk sideways. LOL!

I've seen a taller version of this for adults.. it's for kids.

Initially, it looked rather innocent. I thought it was like one of those fair rides that kids sit in for fun.. damn i was wrong. 

It would swing higher, faster and in diagonal ways. Like how Joe described it as a whole lot of harry potters in that thing. lol! Coz it looked like some fantasy teleport machine or something.

We got tired and bought some drinks/food to sit on the floating platform waiting for the fireworks. The food stores were crowded as usual and they sold some kind of local delicacy that people in Chengdu enjoyed. It was nice but one foreign guy tried to cut queue when obviously everyone was waiting in line. It took time to cook and he just thought he could voice out his order while I waited for the couple in front of me to leave. Good thing the young chap behind the counter told him to step back in line. LOL! (points the L sign)

It's not very clear but the skyline of the shenton way area. I wonder why I didn't bring my digicam,,

The lovely ferris wheel just behind and it looks so small on picture.

Joe play game all the time and I'm so bored.. X|

Yeah.. smile smile XD

I made a video when I was there.. totally love the fireworks display and if you missed it, you can watch part of it here. The fireworks lasted 5 mins but the first 3 got erased coz of some error half way through. -.-


:: 初二 ::

I heard it was super crowded on the first day of Lunar New Year but I just happen to think of it on the second day when we had nothing to do after visiting relatives. Do we drove our way down to check out the new Casino. Parking was a breeze with the huge basement carpark, just be careful not to forget where you parked your car.

There were tons of Singaporeans and I heard some stories about locals going there after they read about some winning strike on day 1. Yeah~ right! (roll eyes)

Even with the $100 levy, it will not stop locals from patronising. However, it did stop me. ;p

The place looked very much like Clarke Quay and I went to explore the other areas such as the shopping arcade and Universal Studios.

Have a sweet tooth? Hersheys anyone?!

The victoria secret that doesn't sell bras. LOL! They do but you can literally count them with  the fingers on one hand. It's way to small for a first store in Singapore. tsk tsk tsk.. Hopefully they will consider expanding their shop and range of items.

Oh and it so happen we wore the same brand of jeans on CNY.. I thought it was cute and I got them to take a picture. ;p


:: Interesting News ::

The casino has just opened it's doors and some not so pleasant yet unbelievably embarassing news.

News from :

Indonesian who lost all in casino at Resorts World Sentosa, stole at airport

Channel NewsAsia - Thursday, February 18
Indonesian who lost all in casino at Resorts World Sentosa, stole at airport

SINGAPORE: An Indonesian man who lost all the S$1,000 he had with him at the Resorts World Sentosa casino was jailed for four weeks after pleading guilty to stealing a handphone from an undergraduate at Changi Airport.
The unemployed Indonesian, Paulus Djohar, stole the S$500 handphone from Ms Lim Tse Min at Terminal 1 on Tuesday.
He had intended to get some cash from the sale of the handphone.
The court heard Djohar came to Singapore from Malaysia last Tuesday with the intention of patronising the newly—opened casino at Sentosa.
As he lost all his money gambling at the casino on Monday, the second day of its opening, he decided to steal from passengers at Changi Airport.
Djohar went to the airport early Tuesday morning.
He then approached Ms Lim, who was with a group sending off a friend going to Australia to study.
One of them saw Djohar brushed his hands across Ms Lim’s backpack and walked away quickly.
The witness alerted Ms Lim who discovered her handphone missing from the side pocket of her backpack.
Ms Lim and the witness confronted Djohar and filed a police report.

Imo, this guys must have been some kinda compulsive gambler.. which person in the right mind will do such a thing after losing 1k at the casino?!?!

Resorts World Sentosa expects visitor numbers to its casino to dip from Wed

Channel NewsAsia - Wednesday, February 17
Resorts World Sentosa expects visitor numbers to its casino to dip from Wed
SINGAPORE: Resorts World Sentosa expects visitor numbers to its casino to dip significantly from Wednesday when the public holidays end.
This, after an overwhelming response to its opening, during the first three days of the Lunar New Year.
The casino has attracted some 41,000 people so far.
Police also made its first arrests when two foreign nationals, believed to be Mongolians, tried to use a false passport to gain entry.
Some 6,300 guests tried their luck at the casino during the last day of the Lunar New Year public holidays.
The more popular games included baccarat, roulette, pontoon and blackjack.
Although it was the end of the holiday period, some punters said they will be back.
Teething problems also emerged during the first three days of operations.
Long waits, overwhelmed facilities and confusion over dress code were some of the complaints received.
Resorts World Sentosa said there have been initial problems, and will take feedback from guests seriously.
Krist Boo, vice president, Communication, Resorts World Sentosa, said: "We had to turn away some of the customers on the first day because they came in slippers. So, the dress code for the casino as with a lot of world—class casino, is no slippers, no singlets and no shorts.
“So, we realised that some of the customers are not aware that the signs have been posted outside the casino. Yesterday, we started putting up more signage to inform the customers to come in proper attire."
With many new dealers on the floor, gamblers also questioned their competency.
Said one visitor to the casino: "It’s very slow, I don’t see a lot of Singaporeans also. They are still at a learning stage and they made a number of mistakes."
Ms Boo added: "Mainly our croupiers are new to the industry. They started training as early as August last year so they have been training for quite a while. But nothing beats the real thing. So, when the casino opens, many are learning on the job."
Resorts World Sentosa said it would take some time for the croupiers to gain experience and they are working hard to put things right.

I suggest Giordano or Hang Tang should open a store near the Casino selling jeans, polo tees and covers shoes.

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