Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Central HK Cafe

 Central HK Cafe

It's new outlet is hidden at a corner of 313. Quiet and away from all the noise along orchard road. In their menu, you will find all kinds of unusual dishes and so we tried. ^.^

I ordered the watermelon and beancurd.


This is what it looks on picture..

in real... wheres my bamboo?! lol! Nonetheless, it's a typical cantonese dish and the beancurd taste like dao hua in tofu texture. ;p~ 

You can't really see the salt but this is Lemon coke with salted lemon.. which equates to a salted coke..literally. Not for those who are thirsty LOL!

Trishaw noodles, yum! It's surprisingly nice but the msg is a slight turn off..

Someone needs a haircut..

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