Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chinese New Year Shopping

Chinese New Year..

It's the only time when shopping turns into a nightmare.. tiring and dreadful. Still I got in total 4 t-shirts for cny. ^.^

There's a Tangs Card Member Sale with additional rebates on top of the prices. Do check it out if you're interested.

<3 So cute... ^.^ My first Tokidoki T-shirt.

I got the lollipop over the weekend and this is what it looks like. The pink is super sweet.. every thing that you see or hear is customisable. It's unbelievably cute cute cute. 

The white interior is nice and I love the lights on the top part. Not to mention, the other cute led graphics in front that is hidden behind the pink. However, I might (if someone is willing to offer a good price) sell it off as I'm starting to abandon my iPhone.. a big no no for me. ;p

There are lots of errands to run before cny arrives and I'm like in and out of the house at night just to get them done. It's tiring and the afternoon sun just drain off 90% of my energy. I still have stuff that are not packed and thrown out yet.. Cny is a love and hate affair. I love the fact that it pushes me to clean the room and the extra space feels good. I hate it for the fact that there are like a gazillion things to do and it never ends. -.-"'

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