Thursday, February 04, 2010

Cute Dog..

My Weekly Dosage of Luffs

The dog is so cute ^.^ How I wish my rabbit does that when I get home, nah~ I wish! LOL! Anyway, I know I'm suppose to be posting up pictures of my Shanghai trip but I'm procastinating.. ;p There are more important things that I need to get done before CNY but hey! there's always time for some funny videos. XD

I'm so frustrated by the Tudou website. You know how irritating it is when you're trying to do a drama marathon and the website just hangs up on you like forever. Then you're stuck at the exciting part and you got to forward just so you could continue watching. !!!

:: Makeupforever ::

I'm considering options to add to my makeup and I was fascinated by this brand, MakeupForever. I first heard of it on Youtube and I've seen it at Sephora but the prices here are crazy. Anyway, I'm considering whether to try the HD series. I can't believe that even in real life, we still need to worry about the pores on our face. I'm not sure if it's worth the hype but I suppose it's worth a try.

The product that is more raved about is the Full cover concealer but they have a HD concealer. So, I can't really decide now till I try out the texture at Sephora.

The good thing about their base products are the range of skin tones that you can choose. They will definitely have one that is right for you. ^.^

The other raved product is the HD foundation. I will love to try this and see how different it is from the MAC foundation I'm using now. Seems like its time for me to hit town this weekend. ^.^

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