Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Keep your bags organised

Yesterday was what's in my shopping cart.. today is what's in my shopping bag! ^.^

I always hate it when I have to open my bag and a whole load of mess greets me.

 So I decided to get a bag organiser.

This one is quite small and it's preferably for small bags but I suppose you can still use it for bigger bags. Most of the time, we're ransacking for the little stuff so it's good enough.

Ta nah! So much better. ^.^

There are more items to show but I'm too tired now as someone was creating some war early in the morning and I'm drained of energy now. >.< I will post them up slowly day by day and hopefully put up my pictures from Shanghai. I just posted them on facebook and I could barely keep my eyes open already.. I will do it, I will I will....

... zzzzzzz

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