Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Shopping Cart Time

What is in my shopping cart?

The apple earphones with remote and microphone. I only realise the difference with the earphones from my ipod touch and those from the 3GS were world's apart. I got my iphone second hand, so as a rule of thumb, I do not use the earphones used by others. Hence, I used my iPod touch ones instead. The ones that came with the 3G version were the stereo earphones with mic. Since I never tried it, I shall not comment on that one. I'm not particular with earphones but the apple earphones are acceptable for me. However, the 3GS ones seem to have added some boomz as how priz low would say it, LOL! Watever.. I just ordered these online and hopefully they're not too bad. I had my fair share of receiving bad stuff online but if you've shopped online before, you know it's hard to stop. Not to mention, the good deals you can find! ^.^

So I can't wait to get these and possibily let my iPod earphones retire.. they've been working hard for me. =)

CNY is round the corner but somehow I still don't think I have proper clothes for it. Although I have one red and one white t-shirt and a pair of new jeans.. OH! not forgetting a pair of new shoes I ordered from EBay. It's really pretty on picture and I can't wait to get it!! ^.^ Still, it doesn't feel satisfying.. WHY?!?! sigh~ I might just drop by Far East one day and grab 1 or 2 more colourful t-shirts.

Now something to laugh your arse off. XD

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