Saturday, February 06, 2010

Su*cker for Q-ness

I'm gonna turn into a su*ker for this phone!!!

They just launched it last week and instantly it went on a promotion price. I hope they can have the promotion price again this weekend then I can go grab it already. HeHeHe Perks of being able to recontract every 12 months. Sadly, Starhub seems to be cutting back on their voucher amount too. They gave me $100 for the past 2 years and now I'm only left with $50. sadzz but better than none.

I don't have to ask you guyz which color I be getting coz it's so obvious. LOL!!

Oooww.. look at the LED, got different graphics.. so cute... (squeals!)

I saw the real phone today and that's how it looked like... uber cute!

The inside is so white, I wonder if it'll get dirty easily.. who cares! cute cute cute QQQ

You may view the specifications here and it's really not for those looking at getting a full feature phone. I'm literally getting this as a spare phone for it super Q-ness and TDF pink exterior. Gosh! Koreans really know how to package their phones... >.<

I realised that the 3G network for this phone is the same as my 3G iPhone -.-"', screen wise (well.. harrr NEXT), 60mb of storage (not too shabby), HSDPA 3.6 (not the latest but I think it's the same as my iPhone), Camera 3.15mp (lol! my iPhone is only 2 lor!) and no wifi (hey? who needs wifi with a 12gb data plan?!).

Very hip commercial in Korea and below is the full version of the MV song.

I can't wait to wake up in the morning and flip through the pages for any promotions on it. >.< Gotta "pop" to bed zzz

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