Saturday, February 20, 2010


This is a late post but well.. we all felt the <3 on cny since it falls on the same day as Valentines Day. ^.^

A surprise pressie..

He gave this to me at midnight.. oowwww 
My first green box ^.^

The bracelet looks like ball bearings ;p but it's different from the usual Tiffany.

I went to kinokuniya yesterday and guess what I found. I was browsing around the jap magazines as usual, grabbing the vivi and JJ blar blar blar. Then I realise there was quite a crowd around the magazine section and the strange thing was, they seemed to be looking for something as they circled the shelves and nothing was picked up. It strucked me that I read on the newspapers that Japanese magazines are giving away freebies. It has always been a practise of Jap mags but this time round they were giving bags.. branded bags. I walked to the counter with my books and realised why everyone were hunting the shelves - there it was.. agnes B and you can't imagine what else was available.. YSL and cher! gosh! However I always thought of getting a Agnes B, so why not get it for free. LOL! So I invested $27 in their new spring summer catalog and got the new collection design tote bag FREE! There are actually people selling it online already - according to my informer. I'm definitely keeping mine. ^.^


Ok, now time to go oowwww coz the cutest furry little thing is coming.

He always do that whenever Im near the cage.. Joe reckons its cute. ;p

Rabbits cannot see from the front so they usually tile to the side to see what you're doing. He knows it when I'm taking pictures of him and he'll get excited.

Alright, what do you want?

You know what I want *_*

Those sucker eyes... literally you just gotta give him some <3.

<3 me, don't you. hehehe

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