Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Beauty = The Sky

It's just another "insomia" night.. lol! nah~ my eyes simply refuse to go off this screen. I was checking out the prices of korean products here and it's like double the price of what's being charged in Korea. (faint)

Since I've mia-ed for so long, I shall do some beauty reviews.. =)

I've been using this Shill eye lifting cream.

Shills seems to be building up quite reputation that started out with the sudden range of BB creams and amazingly, the trend has stayed on for longer than expected. Although I still found it confusing to compare and even cosmetic girls at the shops have no idea on the one that is suitable for me. Well, I can't blame them when I myself don't even know which is better for myself.

Anyway, back to the eye gel. The texture is exactly the kind that I love BUT! results wise I seriously do not see any at all. Since I've tried the laneige samples and the hydration was amazing. You could see and feel it instantly. I thought maybe it only has tightening results but sadly, none seen or felt. It does feel like a waste of $$ but I shall use it all the way and give it a chance to work it's "magic" if there's any. >.<

As for the BB cream, I went to various places trying out various brands, types (within the same brand), textures and varieties of it. Countless of them are seen on the shelf and some even at exorbitant pricing. It's crazy! The best part of it, some don't even have shades and it leaves you puzzled as to which is the one for you. It will always look lighter giving you the whitening effect and the texture for most are on the thick side. Some are rather light but they serve more as base than a full pledge foundation. After trying so many, I decided to go with the brand, Lioele. It's quite famous in Korea and they have many counters worldwide. The prices here are sadly expensive and I resort to ordering online to bring the savings for other stuff like, cleanser.. powder.. blar blar..

I'm getting this newer edition.

It's an improved version of their first bb cream. Besides the lovely change of gold pump head, it helps to curb wrinkle and adds on with whitening effects. I love the coverage of it and how smooth it felt on my hand. I can only know when it arrives. The brand is quite established and I don't want to worry about applying something unknown on my face. I will do a review of it once I get my hands on it.

Other stuff I'm interested in trying is Dr Oil from Etude House. It's not in Singapore yet but I'll get my hands on it first. hehehehe!! This range has a oil control powder that I might also consider as I'm seriously running out of my MAC blotting powder and I really like to try something else.

The next thing in my list to try is the amazing concealor.

I know it's available in Sephora but I can't stress it further that prices here are crazy!! It's a highly recommended concealor and one day I will get my hands on it.

Lastly, I've been using proactive everyday for the past 1 week. Everything.. cleanser, toner, repair treatment, moisturiser.. I must say that the first time I used it a few years ago.. the result was very quick but I found my face overly tight and sensitive. I suppose it's the acne ingredients that can be quite strong. Now I'm trying the newer version and I realise that my skin is more stablised and acne tends to dry up or it recovers fairly quick. However, there are always the bad stuff. I started finding my skin getting a little sensitive for these 2 days and I lessen the use of the repair treatment as it is the strongest. So I restrict the use of it only for night. The face still feels a little itchy but it's not as bad the yesterday. It was a little red and patchy but mild. I might lessen the use further if it's still itchy tomorrow and possibly alternate my other skincare between day and night use. Preferably I will still prefer to use fully proactiv to see how effective it can be but if by the end I'm done with it and I still see no results, I might reconsider the products to be use. Possibly I will mix and match the different products that I think works well for me.

不美只能怪自己 。

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