Thursday, April 01, 2010

Fu's MIA post

I was kinda tied up for weeks and finally I can post my loots. Hopefully after I see all these stuff, I should just lock myself home..

It's been a noisy day as the upgrading goes on downstairs >.< Gosh! The weather's been up and down but I love the rain that makes it all so cooling. ^.^

I got this as an alternative to the DHC oil but I realised it's not that good and somehow feels kinda artificial. Maybe it's the smell.. the colour and all.. Well so far it's still ok but I forsee myself finishing this quick to move onto DHC.

I saw this being used on a show and there are 2 twist sticks, 1 is a concealer and the other is a highlighter. The texture is light but somehow at the end of the day, it feels a little dry on top of the foundation. However, the shimmer on the highlighter is mild and quite natural. Thumbs up for the colour but I will love it if it is more moisturising like how most BB products are suppose to work. I'll still continue to use it. ^.^

Next up.. yeah.. another Shills product and I can't emphasize more on how heavily promoted this brand has been since BB creams are introduced. I need an eye cream and fine lines are starting to appear.. (ARGH!!) So I decided to try this after I saw how it was demo on a show and the girls eye was like slanted on one side after using it. LOL! Seriously, it does work to lift the eye coz I tried it on one side first but it's not so drastic a lift that you thought you might have a stroke (choy!). Sadly, I realised the hydration for this is quite low (as compared to others I've used), fine lines were not reduced and dark circles... are still there. Thumbs down for it's claims... but yeah I'm using it for the lift and I got another product from Etude for moisturising. ^.^

Ta~nah, the so call (new) moistfull line in Etude.. at least in Singapore it's new. They gave a sample of their face cream and some post stick note. Since I'm already using my proactiv (happily), I shall use this on my neck.

Dr Oil, this is not available in Singapore yet and I feel so glad to be able to grab this before everyone else. I believe it will be available soon as the whole range is about oil control and so appropriate for local weather. I tried this once but somehow the oil didn't get absorbed but I'm not sure if I didn't shake the bottle or something. (only realised that after reading the box) It's useful to have in the purse when my makeup starts melting.. -.-"'

The translucent powder that I somewhat forgotten and I went to get the maybelline foundation powder before it arrived. (smack myself for wasting money) I've been lazy lately and used the foundation powder as a quickie.. ;p Although I will still say that the MAC liquid foundation has better coverage. I shall try this out over the weekend.

My current skin care and the package I got from proactiv.. I think it's quite worth it considering for $50 you only get a sample cleanser toner and moisturiser here. So far my skin has cleared up quite a lot and the blemished has faded quite a fair bit. I will not recommend this for sensitive skin or those who are allergic to acne ingredients as it's quite strong. You can try to use the spot treatments for spots but I feel that when used in combination of the rest of the products, it kinda works better.

Lastly, the Asience kit I got from my hair diagnose. It's nice smelling but I'm not sure why the shampoo from the older version seems to make my hair softer instead. There are more stuff but I shall stop here.

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