Thursday, April 22, 2010

Report Drowning..

I applaude myself for completing the Shanghai post but I've got reports stacking up to my neck already.

Reports are so boring coz you're literally typing the same things over and over again.. worse, you need to rephrase it to make it sound different when in fact, there's not much of a difference. Sigh~ 2 more to go and I'll be free for the next 12 hours and more reports will be waiting for me. lol! I'm going nutz!

I've got a nice ash brown colour sitting there waiting for me but I got no time to recolour my hair. I got nice bags to look at online but I only sneak a look at it in between my reports. I got orders to make for my business and I just got to do it before everything else.

I've been eyeing a birkin online but sadly the seller does not provide good enough pictures for me to judge. I've sent 2 emails to request for it but the added picture was not clear enough. It's a freaking birkin and god knows what prices I've gotta pay to get one. So as much as I'm itching for it... it's absolutely a million arms length away from me right now. Sigh~ Her feedbacks are good but as a buyer, I just gotta protect myself. As much as ebay has a protection scheme, I believe I've got to go through hell of a time if I found the bag to be fake. Seriously! Plz put up better pictures if you're thinking of selling expensive bags cos you can't expect people to believe ur honest just by a couple of feedbacks. Well, that's just some advice for anyone who wants to get expensive stuff online.

Well, maybe if I still have some energy left after my report then I'll touch up the colour on my hair. I bought a couple of stuff the past few weeks and mostly for my darling rabbit. Having a pet is like having a kid. There are endless stuff that you will like to buy and some things are not cheap. Like the new pee pan I got was like close to $50.. for a rabbit that's exorbidant! Yeah, some recommend the cheap - less than $10 basin but its eeky to see him step on his pee, eat at where he shit and whatever yucky things that goes on in there. I prefer him stepping on a grill where he won't come in direct contact with all that stinky poo. Seriously, I can faint sometimes while changing it. I also got him a toy to entertain himself but unfortunately he decided to chew off the cable tie I used to attached the pee pan. Great! I wonder how much plastic went into his system.. sigh~

Just some new shows to recommend,

Cinderella Sister - it is a unique adaptation to the Cinderella cartoon that we watch and quite an original one I might say. It's refreshing to see a different storyline and I can't help but feel frustrated over the english subs. -.-"'

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