Wednesday, July 28, 2010

iPhone 4 Coming To The Shops Near You

Friday is THE day that the iPhone 4 is going to reach our shores.

It's somewhat bittersweet.. everyone anticipates it, wants it, loves it but the problems since it's launch in the US has yet to be properly solved. The reception problem is a killer and the bumpers just don't look good. However, I did see other colours online that I might be able to accept. Still, I'm thinking to get it at a later date.

I will really prefer if they can have a hardware replacement for it as the bumpers really add bulk to it and changes the sleek look.

These are the colours available for the bumpers. I kinda like the pink and blue. Maybe it will add some contrast to the normal black and white colour of the phone. I always love to get things when the excitment is there but I think I'll hold onto that thought and check out the reviews from the early birds. :)

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