Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Short Trip for 2010

Another 3.5 days I'll be on a jetplane off on a short trip. :) I seriously need to relax for a short while and Mango Rice. Yes, I'm going to the land of a thousand smiles XD. One thing for sure is you won't find me in bkk but somewhere else more laid back and seldom visited by most people.

The last time I went there, it was more quiet but I have to go back to return my thanks to the temple and do some kind deeds while I'm there. In our fast paced society, we often forget that many at times we will feel better when we give back to those who are less fortunate than us. As we gain more, we become protective of our achievements that we turn into selfish individuals. It always feels good to know that through the little that I can offer them, it gives them an abundance of love and comfort.

I'm definitely looking forward to the trip and I will eat all the charkwayteow I can stuff myself. LOL! It's seriously good I tell you! Not to mention, the sweet pineapple and health drinks that I can get at their local Watsons.

But.. but.. I will miss my niece this coming weekend. :( She's seriously gaining weight with all the milky goodness she is getting everyday. LOL! Still, she's adorable and so sweet when she sleep on the bed with her hands up in banzai!

I think I should take more pictures.. my blog is so lacking of pictures now. LOL! I hate my 3G iphone la.. its not only slow but the enhance features of the new OS4 don't really work on this version. The camera also sux for the 3G version... sigh~ next year will be the year I get the iPhone 4. :)

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