Monday, September 06, 2010

I'm Alive!

I'm still alive and kicking.. just busy with work once again. 2 projects at one go but whose gonna reject earning more yeah?! Lol!

There are some pictures but I shall just keep it short as I need to get back to my reports before the clock strikes 12mn and my clock reads 'Monday'.

My new toy that arrived quite a few weeks already. I know people must be thinking, "what the?! You mean there are still people playing with this?!". Yes, that person is me! LOL! This is a Japanese model that I got off eBay and it's not cheap. It's plus points compensated for the price tag. The vibrant color screen, cute characters, a larger variety of customisation and games. I'm determine to last through a long time with this. Sadly, my first gen passed away before I could even mate it. Argh~ so sad.

That was the first character I got and unfortunately when it died, it was not saved. Hence, I'll have to restart my collection of characters once again. -.-"' I changed the decor of the room to what you see above. It's cute and very different from the original. You could play the games in the machine and earn coins to make those purchases. I bought the fairy stars that she was wearing in the Accessory Store in the selection of shops that your Tamagotchi character could visit.

(after a sweet night sleep)

I woke up to another missing pet.. my tamagotchi pet left me again and I realised that my first one didn't die on me. They all left me!!! How nice ya! Leaving me in the middle of the night... This version is quite strict and I need to maintain their happiness or else they will all leave me.. sobs~

(on to the 3rd pet ... ...)

It's still young and the adult form will be different. Yes, I know it looks funny now. ;p

:: Loots ::

*Watson Face Massager Review*

Last week, I went to watsons to get this facial massager. It's suppose to help deep cleanse and improve absorption of serums to the face. I also got a pink "Anna sui" lookalike mirror from the neighbourhood shops. Shall decorate it later on.

It was all working fine till the instruction said to remove the cover to fit the cotton wool onto the metal plate. So, I followed and it was a good thing I did.

The next thing I knew, the whole device felt apart and the plastics were rattling away inside. I thought maybe it was loose and I tried to fix it. Sadly, the whole thing fell apart again. It just broke into 2 and all the plastic attachments inside were broken. I did not even use much strength on it!! Then, I saw the problem. The device was damaged to begin with and the cover was just there to hold it together. There was a crack on the corner of it and I didn't even have the chance to drop it. 

I had to go back to the shop again and I asked for an exchange. There were 4 sets left on the shelf and I went through every single one of them. All 4 of them had the same crack and 2 of them had more than 1 crack. You could hardly see it and it's like a hairline crack. I think the devices were damaged during transportation and the staff was not aware of it. It's a good thing she gave me a refund and voided the transaction. If you still like to use it, I suggest you do not attempt to remove the cover but instead use a rubber band to attached the cotton to the plate.

Price - At $30++, it's a very affordable massager
Quality - Poor... handle with care!
Looks - It's pink and white, cute ;)
Function - Basic but that's what keeps the skin healthy.
Overall review - I can't be using a damage device to know how well it works, yeah~

*Skullcandy Lowrider Headphone*

I got this from the US and it's so much cheaper as compared to here. It's a cute thing to have but I realise that I don't wear it often. In fact, only once since I got it. It's kept in the pouch ot prevent damage as I read online that the plastic was quite fragile. Still, I can't keep my mind off it and I eventually still bought it.

Price - It's $70+ at the stores and USD30 online, if there's a discount then it be even cheaper.
Quality - The plastic does feel quite fragile, so handle with care. I was planning to bling this up so the plastic will be reinforced with the glue :)
Looks - It's cute and even the sponges are pink.
Audio Quality - A lot of people gave the review as above average and some loved it. I realise that my ears are more than above average. LOL! I can still accept the sound but it's not exactly that good.

*2N Dark Circle Remover*

This is a eye cream that supposingly removes dark circles, puffiness and lines. I saw this online before but it did not catch my eye. Then I kind of saw it at a shop but I have zero impression of the place. It was one day when the sale auntie at Watsons approached me and ask if I needed eye cream for my dark eyes that the phrase hit my panic button. "My eyes so dark?! SHIT!" I even had concealer and I did realise the puffiness but sometimes you just need something or someone to shake you into knowing how bad it is. >.< Mine is not so terrible that I look like a panda but I will say it's mid way there. -.-

I've been using it for 3-4 days and nights already. The texture is like water.. I do feel a little bit of alcohol in it but my skin is fine with it so far. The puffiness did go down a little each time I applied but I still need more time to evaluate this product. So far it feels fine and I'll review it again when I've used it for 2 weeks. The packaging says it will improve in 15 days. :)

*It's chu chu Time*

Chu chu is her nickname now. Don't ask me why, coz I've no idea and I wasn't the one who suggested it. Look at her sticking out her tongue.. so cute :) She has nice and 'pong pong' hair.

Just taken yesterday.. she finally changed into another pose to sleep. Usually she will be in her banzai position. She's growing so fast and she almost managed to flip over while doing this but strangely fell asleep the minute she turned. -.-"'

My wrist is aching from all the's the reports I tell you. Sigh~ I need to rest my hands awhile before I continue with the reports again. >.<

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