Monday, October 18, 2010

Time is ticking..

Time is ticking, tick tock tick tock. I can't believe how fast time flies by just by the wink of an eye. In a mere week, I have my photoshoot coming up and I have yet to achieve my flawless skin and lose my dark eye rings.

I've been so caught up with the preparations that I wonder if all will be done in time for that day. The hand bouquet freaked me out a little as my little experiment proved to be more challenging, time consuming and $$. Still, it's worth it and at the back of my head I thought, "Even if it doesn't work out, it's ok". For a few times, I hit a few bumps along the way and the anxiety set in. "How? What should I do? It doesn't look nice?" The number of times I stayed up to crack my head and experiment around with the (countless) materials I got for my D.I.Y project. I simply refuse to give up till it looked right.

One huge box of cream carnations for my bouquet and I used up every single one of them. My heart almost fell when I was down to my last ten but somehow it was just right. :) I won't reveal the completed piece yet till my wedding photos are taken and completed. It's getting exciting and up till yesterday morning 5am, the hand bouquet starting to look like what I had in mind. I'm loving it. ^.^

The D.I.Y work added and it was nowhere easy. I underestimated it.. but it's working out fine now. Love Love it <3

My new found hobby, it's call Nano block. It's quite easy to make and it looks cute. :)

My other new purchase and I'm using it now to navigate my way around my iMac. It's gorgeous and function. Form and function do not always go hand in hand but this is puuurfect!

Another good buy from Daiso, it's a cooler box. It's a tupperware with a ice bag holder on the lid. I used it to bring cold food out. :) $2, cheap and good.

I tried to make sure that the groom had some bling as well. This cufflink was another purrfect discovery. <3

What to do with unused materials? Use them on something else. :) I finally could (really) bling up my Baby G watch. Simly loving it all.

I was out for work one day and when I slow down my pace, a lovely discovery awaited me. The breeze was nice and the scene was amazing. Sometimes, we just have to slow down and enjoy the beauty in front of us.


Whose foot is this? My adorable niece of coz! ^.^

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