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Fake Apple Case & EBay Rants

Someone keeps getting on my nerves today.. what's her problem seriously.. It's like how those little kids on the street get into fights for the lamest reason and with one sentence, "我看你不爽". Seriously, do something more productive than to get on my nerves and irritate me just coz you're on the wrong mood elevator. I suggest that such people should just lock themselves in their rooms and just isolated yourself from the world.

Anyway, since I'm so moody now.. I shall rant about the eBay problems I encountered. I think it's a experience that I should share and till date, it's not resolved yet. Well, supposingly eBay thinks they resolved it by pushing the responsibility away.

To start off, I bought an Apple iPad case on EBay. It was suppose to be an original iPad case from Apple as described in the auction. It even cost the same as the retail. Why did I buy online? Since the USD was (or is) weak, it would save me a little $$. I wasn't in a rush and so I thought why not. 

Screenshot from the original webpage:

The title reads, "Original Authentic leather case cover for iPad". So, should it be the real deal? Maybe the original is not technically made of leather (microfiber) but I take it that hong kong-ers do not have very good command of english. The seller is Goldcoastf4b and he a seller from Hong Kong. He had better feedback before that and no one complaint much. He currently has no items on sale and it is probably due to the fact that a few people has complaint and usually the auctions are removed when that happens. 

He posted the item to me quickly and I eagerly teared it apart. The first thing that greeted me was this white ziplock bag.

It was unusual for an Apple iPad case to come with this bag as all of those sold at Apple did not come with it. I just thought it was used to protect during shipping. After I realised that it was a fake, I recalled seeing a similar packaging at a small shop in Bugis Village on the second floor. The next time I went back, it was no longer there. I wonder who was the unfortunate soul.

After opening, it looks exactly like the original and it even had the sticker at the bottom of the box. Apple iPad case, designed by Apple.. 

Once opened, this was what it looked like inside. At first glance, it looked similar to the original but since I got the original cover from Epicentre, I knew how it should look like. The original has a 3 fold plastic while the fake that I received only has 2. It opened up like a book with 2 sides while the original had a 3rd side for the micro fiber cloth. The fake did not come with the cloth and when I asked the buyer, he said that he would send me one. -.-'''

A close up photo of the fake case texture. Seriously, the first time I touched it, I knew it felt different. If you looked at the picture, the material looks so smooth and it lacks the anti-slip feel of the original texture.

This is a comparison of the fake and original case. On the left, fake and right is original. Look at the difference in color taken with a flash camera. You would not have known till you got your hands on the original case.

The bad workmanship of the case was also bad.. There were glue stains at the corner.

The top 2 flaps belong to the fake and the one at the bottom is the original. See the difference in texture and the borders are also sealed differently.


I emailed the seller who then said that he would refund the money once I return the item and claimed that it was bought from the apple store.



"Dear ********,

is ok will we ship you the full refund and will give you the ship fee
as well and we also buy this in the apple store here ,but anyways we
would like to full refund to you for any problem ,thanks.

- goldcoastf4b"


After shipping the item back to Hong Kong, I had raise a case with EBay to resolve the matter and do a refund. 


Dear Lyn,

Thank you for contacting eBay in regard to the Authentic leather case
cover for iPad (item #320597469772) that you recently purchased. After
reviewing your email, I understand that the item you received is not as
described. I know how frustrating it is when an item arrives
counterfeit. I want you to know we are here to make sure this case is

After reviewing your case, we encourage you to return the item to the
seller for a full refund. In order for us to hold the seller accountable
and issue a refund on their behalf, we need to ensure that the item is
back in their possession.

Please complete these steps in the next 10 days so we are able to issue
you a refund:

1. Go to the Resolution Center and get the seller's return address from
the case details page:

2. Ship the item back to the seller using shipping tracking so we can
confirm that the seller received the item. You can use the shipping
company of your choice.

3. Return to the Resolution Center and enter the tracking number from
the package.

4. After you enter the tracking information, you'll see another page
where you'll be asked to confirm that the tracking information is
correct. Be sure to click the "Submit" button--otherwise we won't
receive your information. You must enter the tracking information in
order to receive a refund. 

Once we have confirmation that the item has been delivered, we'll refund
you for the cost of the item plus original shipping within 3 days (as
long as the seller hasn't issued you a refund).

I'm glad I was able to assist you with your concern. Thank you for your
understanding and willingness to work with us.

Lyn, I see that you have been a part of the eBay community for 2 years
now. Thank you for continuing to do business with us over the years. We
truly appreciate you as one of our valued customers.

Zoe L.

eBay Customer Support


A week passed after the item was sent back and it sat at the post office waiting for the seller to collect. He continued to sell the fake covers and other accessories during that period. I might just not be the only one who thinks it's fake yeah~

Look at the feedback that I copied below.. 

Feedback From / PriceDate / Time 
Negative feedback ratingdont buy from this seller he sent me a replica item!!Buyer: Oct-28-10 09:43
 SPECK CandyShell iPhone 4 -White FREE*CHARGER+PROTECTOR (#320594692786)US $18.99View Item SPECK CandyShell iPhone 4 -White FREE*CHARGER+PROTECTOR
Negative feedback ratingNot sent my item . Provide false tracking number ! counterfeit on their website!Buyer: Oct-21-10 00:01
 Original Authentic leather case cover for iPad *Sealed* (#320595927548)US $39.00View Item

I wonder if they got their money back as well.. 

The item continued to sit on the shelves and despite my several attempts to remind the buyer via EBay messaging that the item has arrived, he refused to pick it up. It was obvious that he deliberately avoided the messages and refused to collect it. 

An update from EBay,
Dear Lyn,

Thank you for contacting eBay in regard to the Authentic Leather case
cover for iPad (item #320597469772) that you recently purchased. After
reviewing your email, I understand that you already sent the item back
to the seller. I know how frustrating it is when an item arrives and
it's not what is stated in the listing. I want you to know we are here
to make sure this case is resolved.

I understand that you have taken the time to return the item to the
seller. I know what an inconvenience that is, and we appreciate you
taking the time to do so.

After reviewing your case, I see the tracking information for the return
shipment shows the item is currently in transit. Before we are able to
issue you a refund on the seller's behalf, we will need to make sure the
item is delivered. When the tracking number shows the item has been
successfully delivered, our system will automatically issue you a
refund. If, for some reason it does not, please let us know.

I'm glad I was able to assist you with this issue. Thank you for your


Rose D.
eBay Customer Support


The last straw came when EBay decided in the end to rule the case in is favor and refused a refund to me. I was supposed to have been under a buyer protection scheme and they allowed the seller to get away with it?

Reimbursement information:
Final decision:
This case has been decided in the seller's favor.
eBay Customer Support comments:
We're sorry you had a problem with your purchase. For more information about this case, please refer to the email we sent you.

I was fuming when I read this that I appealed and I have yet to receive a reply till date.

It was then I realise that eBay even deleted the messages I exchanged with that seller in the EBay messaging system. Right! Trying to get rid of the evidence.. no way. I have them stored and backed up. 

EBay is letting some bogus seller get away with an imitation item and buyers have to suffer for that. It's insane and I shall not let it rest. So I decided that Apple should be made aware of this matter. 

Now I'm currently awaiting Paypal's reply for help with my case. It's a long and tedious journey to recovering my $$. I do not know why EBay does not sense anything wrong when the seller is trying to avoid responsibility by not collecting the item and replying to messages.



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