Tuesday, November 09, 2010

New iPad Case, Cara

I finally got a new iPad case and I'm loving it. The only worry I have is that it is white but other than that, it's a well designed cover with the consumer in mind. Of coz, there are some little flaws with it. ^.^

:: Cara iPad Case ::

Presenting to you the Cara iPad case that I got for $69.90.. I had a 10% off for it. It's slightly more expensive than the Apple case but definitely nicer in looks. The freebies that come with the case was also more and quite useful.

The front of the case is like a turtle shell design with a glossy finish. It looks chic and I can almost imagine crystals on it. Ok, I shall not have crazy ideas for now. Lol! If you notice the sides where the buttons are positioned, they are covered by the soft silicon like material with precisely measured to fit nicely into the "pockets". You can accurately press on it without much effort.

It is a folio design and you will a white surface on the inside and it has a non-slip silicon feel as well. Usually when you're playing with your iPad, you will fold it down backwards and it will be resting on the table. So, it will not slip as you play with it.

The back of the case is also the same non slip material. When you decide not to play, you will also placed the back on the table or the stand provided. So it will also prevent the iPad from slipping.

This is the stand and it comes in 2 colors.. sadly, there is a flaw with it. There are games that we play in a horizontal manner and if you notice, there is not stand on the case itself. If we used this stand, it can only stand in a vertical manner. I will still need to use something else to angle the iPad when used horizontally.

The iPad on the stand.. It's good to use when you're reading the news or just to let it stand on your desk.

Other freebies include a screen protector and a fiber cloth. I already had the anti-glare protector, which I preferred over the clear ones. It's smoother to play with and more comfortable on the eyes.

2 sets of protectors for the headphone and charging jack was given. It is very useful as I seldom use headphones for this and covering it up will be good. I covered the charging jack as well but I'm afraid that I may lose it somehow. Maybe that is why they gave 2 sets. Nice of them right? :)

An instruction manual on how you may use the case and stands. There is also a warranty for the item and I'm guessing that is is applicable for us since there is a distributor in Sg.
Overall Verdict,

This is a well design cover that is made with the consumer in mind. Most covers that I see are either form or function. This cover has it all. There are also small slits made on both ends of the flap to prevent damage when the flap is folded backwards. The non slip helps to prevent damages and the extra accessories are useful. It also gives a more complete look to the whole package. Some covers that cost over $100 do not even have as nice a design or that many freebies within their package. Sometimes, they do not even include the screen protector. It feels more like a rip off for the raising iPad popularity.

I am very satisfied with this cover that I cannot express how much i love it. To add to all that, it is slimmer than 80% of the covers sold out there. The only flaw as mentioned is the lack of the abilty to angle it in a horizontal manner.

:: What came in the mail? ::

It's my new contact lens.. lovely isn't it :)

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