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Bangkok Nov 2010

Trip... Bangkok Thailand

Can you believe it's my first trip to Bangkok? Well, it's a sponsored trip (not inclusive of the shopping I did), so who would resist that. I was a "tour guide" for my godma and off we went on a funfilled 3D2N in Bkk.

Travel tip #1 :
Going to nearby places that takes no more than 2 hours does not require a queen size seat. So travelling by budget airlines are the best and more economical way. Tiger is usually one of the cheapest but do be careful of the tax charges. I found it to be even more than Jetstar. Airasia is somewhere in the middle with not the cheapest tickets but they don't compromise on the comfort. Jetstar (in my opinion) has the most comfortable seats that even Sq should consider changing theirs as well. My back did not ache at all even though it was not reclined. There was back support and I seriously think SQ should consider that seriously. 

Eventually, I picked Jetstar as Tiger had a bad reputation for cancellation or delay of flights (read it through forums) and Airasia wasn't any cheaper. 

Travel tip #2 :
Always book budget air when there are promotions and you will get some of the best deals in town. I once saw tickets to bkk at $150 with tax. If you just had to go then you be paying around $300++.

Travel tip #3 :
If there are 4 of you, travelling by Taxi is not too bad or you may take the train from the Airport as it's way cheaper. :)

I always loved to watch the windows as the taxi drives towards the hotel. That way, I can absorb the atmosphere of the new city that I'm heading towards. 

Travel tip #3,
Go online and do research on the recommended hotels. You may choose them according to convenience or price. I know how some are tight on budget, so you may still go for the cheaper hotels but you end up spending more time travelling to the places that you want to go.

As we dropped at the Baiyoke Sky Hotel, I was surprised at how plain the front building looked but it was bustling with tourist. After searching through the internet, I decided that Baiyoke Sky was a good place to stay for a first timer. It's not the most expensive hotel and neither was it cheap. Look at the tourist waiting to check into the hotel and as I queued, a Caucasian looking staff came and checked my booking. After 5 minutes, we were seated at the table next to the counter and given a sweet surprise.
Due to overbooking of the hotel, we were upgraded to a Junior Suite on the ladies floor. How fantastic is that? Please let me warn you that there's no reception on the upper floors. Mind you I was on the 65 floor.. ah huh.. I'm segmented away from the digital world. >.<

Look at how huge the room looked! It's just the bed area and on the opposite side is the sofa and coffee table.

On the other side of the room was a small dining area and the whole front window would give you an amazing view of bkk. Sadly, the decor was a little old and the room was a little dark. I realised that I did not take the toilet but I assure you, it's huge! It's big enough for you to do yoga in there.

Time to head out and I crossed over to Platinum Mall where clothes went at wholesale prices if you bought at least 3 pieces. It's a 5mins walk and there was another wholesale area that looked like Bugis Village. 

Seriously hungry by then and we had our lunch at the foodcourt on the top floor.

Makes you feel like you're in Singapore and you buy coupons to get your meal.

My first meal was a beef beehoon soup.. It's yum yum good! The good was so flavourful and the ingredients were fresh.

I took a long walk to the skytrain.. sigh, I thought I almost died.

You can conveniently get tickets at this machine and it is based on the area that you're going. 

Here comes the train :) It's probably the best way to travel around bkk but it can get crowded during peak hours.

Who doesn't go to MBK?! It's a must go in bkk and it's an easy train ride away. You may also take a tuk tuk and as foreigners, we more or less pay a bit more than the locals.

Look at the amount of things in one mall.. tons of stores and floors after floors of hardcore shopping.

Bags.. goldsmith shops.. food..

Small corner stores similar to Bugis Village

There's also a furniture floor..

If you like to catch a movie, go all the way up. :)

More shopping :)

I went to this place to do a little charity.. you may consider it while you're there.


You go to the side where there are rows and rows of chairs, fill in a form with you name. Pass a donation money over and if you look closer at the back of the area, there are yellow "boxes". Those are coffins that are donated to the poor, it's the 5 one within these 2 years.

You may then burn the slip of paper after praying at the alter in the other room.

Back to the room on the ladies floor.. :)

It was locked by a door that could only be accessed through the room key.

The night view from the room is lovely.

Just the first day and the loots are endless.

Room service for the first night as we're all super exhausted after a long day. Mine was a omelette wrapped phat thai. It looks pretty and taste absolutely good. That's what I love about Thailand. Room service is affordable and tasty.

Tom yum soup was the next amazing dish invented.. I loved only those in Thailand. It's a must order dish on the menu.

Thai milk tea was nice but too sweet. I could easily make 2 glasses with a whole cup of ice and it still tasted sweet. Still I loved it and it's a must have when I'm in thailand. Just needed someone to share it with me.

.. and my godma actually told me she only wan Caramel custard.. RIGHT! The next thing I knew, the soup and noodles were clean off the plate.

So she ordered another serving of phat thai and I recommended the fish cake as finger food. I was super full after all that food that it was so difficult to sleep. Not to mention, I was so exhausted and the next day we had a day of temple visits.

Next morning, I could still feel the Supper/Dinner in my stomach.. but I still ate some breakfast to pull through the day. So up we went to the 77th floor for the awesome food and breath takeing view.

That was the observation deck and the morning sun made it even better.

There were stairs that led up or down and we actually had breakfast on the 2 different floors on the 2 seperate mornings.

Look at the variety of bread.. 

Made me wanted to eat all of them..


more food..

more food food..

more more more food food food... that's not just the end of it K!

My favourite breakfast.. :) I'm very american when it came to breakfast. I wanted to make toast but I settled for the egg toast coz it's faster. ;p

The corn soup was TDF!

The view while you eat.. how much better can it get?

Lol! The cardboard me, hehehe This is how I will look when I'm fat. -.-"

Breath taking.. Love it loads!

Care for a ride on a hot air balloon..

After an hour or so, we were off for our Temple visits. First stop, the Golden Buddha.

The temple was gorgeous but it felt very commercialised as well.

It was also super crowded that day.. 

There were food stalls that lined the streets within o_o

At a corner, there were amulets for sale at a counter in the temple. You may donate the amount stated on the item and bring home the blessings. :)

Gold Gold Gold, how shiny it was..

I was amazed that such "toys" were sold in Thailand.

Next stop, Royal Palace and the Emerald Buddha Temple.

It was hard to get in and do remember to wear covered shoes and long pants to cover up. There were like people hunting down tourist to buy Sarongs to wrap themselves up. It was also not cheap and the guards were rude. While waiting for the time to enter the temple, there was a Caucasian that was a persuasive sarong seller and she actually bothered to bargain with her. In the end, she bought it at a cheaper price and obviously both of them were no longer delighted. I overheard her husband asking her why she bought it and she actually got it to stop her harassment. No way I would do that in my life. In the end, she did not even had to wear it to enter.

The decor was lovely and intricate.

There was a private ceremoney going on that day and we were not allowed to step into the area. :(

Off to the next destination, the place that I'm wanting to go. :) It was my main purpose for the trip.

A line of stalls greeted as the taxi drove in.. food!!! I didn't eat though since I had my breakfast.

Helloooo doggie :)

In we walked ^.^

Ta nah~ my aim for the trip was to come pray at the Rahu temple.

To some it maybe a little scary but to me, it's where I want to find my inner peace. :)

By the side, you can find the thing that you need for prayer and make a donation for those items.

The 8 things that I got as offerings to Lahu and they were all black. Coz Rahu favourite color is black. :) I even wore black there that day.

I also added some bling bling to the small statue at the side. <3 it.

Next stop, Jim Thompson. My godma is a fan of this brand.. I'm just admiring the architecture.

It's so pretty to be living in this place.

After spending an hour in Jim Thompson.. I thought I was going to fall asleep in there LOL! We walked a short distance to mbk for another round of shopping at Naraya and we saw Thai boxing!!

Day 3 Morning.. final day to have breakfast with that amazing view. So better keep a momento yes? 

Pumpkin soup? Sorry I kinda forgot what it was but it looked like it. Anyway it was Yum to the max. Never had I said that breakfast at the hotel was great in all my trips so far. So, if you're staying at Baiyoke sky, please go enjoy the spread.

My all american breakfast, bacon a must have, sausage for more protein, waffle for some energy and the eggs... well what's breakfast without eggs?

There was also a choice of Jap food, wow!

Fruits was a must have in Thailand and I was surprised that I only had on pineapple at a roadside store for all the days. Sadly the hotel's pineapple was not impressive.

The small tangerine was extremely good though. :) Tangerine with a view ^.^

That's how small it was.. not even half the size of my pinkie finger.

Off to Siam Paragon.. if you're looking for some designer apparels that are unique, drop by the building next to Siam paragon. I was quite impressed with the clothes there but not the price tags though. 

It was time to go home and I realised theres a golf area in the hotel. You can be shooting balls at mid sky level. Nice!

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