Saturday, February 26, 2011


Today's the day of the Chinese customary gift exchange and I can smell the preparation of food amidst the kitchen. The months of preparation and research has finally resulted in a day for sharing of well wishes between two families and a (soon to be) married couple.

You may ask. "Why the hassle in all these preparations?" These are traditions passed down through generations and it all boils down to a blissful marriage between 2 people.

Many like I am confused with the various styles followed by different dialects. Not to worried, as there are always professionals to solve that brain cracking issue. :)

The Wedding Shop

As the name of the shop suggest, The Wedding Shop. They are professionals for all procesures for what is traditionally called, 過大禮 (guo da li). Just tell them your dialects and they will explain the details to you with even a manual included with their various packages. Although I will suggest that you ask in further details as not every single thing is written. However, the staff are friendly and they are more than willing to help you out.

For those budget conscious couples, they may choose to buy them separately from other shops. Not all items are cheap but being a one stop shop for most of the important items, they are perfect for busy couples. The other good thing is that they pack your items nicely with packagings made for the individual items included.

The shop is at Bedok Point, level 2.

These are the girls items to be exchanged with the man's family. The ribbons are personally tied by me and the 喜喜 sticker is placed on most items. The tea cup set, towels, table lamps and bed linen are separately bought. Reason being, I'm still quite a modern bride and I will love to use it even after the customary is over. Chic designs and traditions are combined to give us the best of both worlds.

Baskets are free to rent from the shop and it looks very new with contrast of black and bright red with hand painted floral design.

While waiting, snap some pictures. :)

Testing out the lomo camera function.

First guest to arrive!!! ^.^

Give me some cakes can?!?!

Finally! A super filled up 6 seater table... We had to use another 2 chairs to put the cakes.

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