Friday, February 11, 2011

It's Been Awhile

I'm so slow on my updates these days... it's mad crazy busy and I just don't have much time to think about anything. Wedding preps are endless, work is as usual and the fact that I have to do all the preps myself has been quite tiring. Still, the process will be a memory that none other can replace.

It's still Chinese New Year.. so Gong Hei Fa Choi! :)

I bought quite a number of new clothes for cny when initially I thought I had none. I even have 2 new tops that are a little loose and I can't wear them out..

My new shoes but they are pinching me at the moment.. sobs

Daiso lunch.. I got the instant rice to try and the miso soup is also from Daiso. Just a simple meal when I'm in a rush..

After just one minute, yumz!!

I need healthy water for good digestion ^.^ Now I don't have to boil water yeah!

This is for our new room. I ordered it from Korea and I'm so loving it. ^.^

I'm not a traditional girl.. so of cos I won't be one to follow the tradition to buy something corny.. So as our wedding mugs, this is what I got.

The words already differentiated the mugs and there is a lid that keeps the dust off my water. When I need my tea, I can still stir it with the stirrer included.

Cute right? The lid is heart shape de..

:: CNY First Day ::

It's the year of the rabbit.. so that explains my top. :)

Another new acquisition.. my hairband holder cannot take my obsession already..

Another new acquisition.. I can't live without it now.. Love my 18k gold plated bumper case. Sinc I'm gonna have to stare at it for the next 2 years.. better be good to look at O.O

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