Wednesday, April 06, 2011

iPad 2

To be able to get the iPad 2 is a luxury itself but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Queues form as early as 1 or 2 am for those who wants an iPad 2 the second the store opens. I even thought that the queue for the iPhone 4 was insane back home or is it a marketing gimmick on their side. (hmm...)

Anyway, the only luxury for the iPad that I heard of was the designer iPad cases at he luxury boutiques.

iPad Cases from Louis Vuitton, I personally did not like the cases (same goes with the Gucci, etc.) as they were all slot in designs. I asked the staff at the boutique and they claimed that the flip cases on the first iPad by Apple had some copyright (blar blar). They would have to pay costly amounts to have their cases designed in that manner.

You can see that the Gucci case has the same slot in design except for the strap on top to prevent the iPad from accidental slipping.

Yet another similar design by Bottega and it boils down to the brand that you prefer.
Now, it's time for what real luxury for the iPad is about..

Stuart Hugher - 12.5cts of diamonds and 24ct gold weighing 2kg. (left) Case made of Ammolite and segments of a T-Rex Dinosaur added into the stone. 8.5ct diamond sits in the center of the home buttone and 12 diamonds surrounds it.

Price tag - £5,000,000.00

Other cases that you may love and it will not break your entire life finances,

Hermes has 2 different designs for their customer and they incorporated some of their own style into it as well. The book style design is commonly seen in most of their signature designs and there are 4 colours available for you to choose.

Price tag - $820 - 1,400

Alexandra Amosu - Cases can be customised with a choice of python, ostrich and crocodile skin. There are also add ons for gold and diamonds.

Price tag - £1,600

Who doesn't love Chanel? This case looks simple with their signature lamb skin leather and a Chanel zipper. I will love to carry a Chanel case but I find that with us ladies lugging onto a designer bag and hand carry another designer case, we pretty much have to multi-task on the number of purses we have to juggle with just 2 hands.

Price tag - $1,555

Oscar De La Renta - The sound of this designer sounds stylish enough but in fact of those who are not aware, this is a reknown name in the fashion world. This for sure will not break your bank or even bring a tear in your wallet.

Price tag - $290


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