Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Staying Awake..

I need to blog to stay awake but my eyes decides otherwise. I've been falling ill for the same reasons, bad food? virus? 

During my US trip in March, I had food poisoning that left me sick for over a week and it's a good thing Joe was around to do the cooking for me. Now he declares himself to be the best porridge maker. Lol! I got pricked all over at the hospital with the blood test and the IV drip.

After my Taiwan trip, I had dinner with a couple of friends and I SERIOUSLY hate restaurants for adding in things that should not be in the dish to begin with. For example, I love my water chestnut drink to be sweet.. not with herbs in it. I love my dessert sweet.. and not 101% bitter with something that taste like ginseng. I can only think of that possibility that caused my "downfall".. I literally had to run to the toilet several times the next morning and I could feel the water drained out of me for the rest of the day. I quickly remembered what my US doctor told me and when I felt some energy back in me, I rushed to the supermarket opposite and got myself some sports drink. My lips were dry and all I wanted to do was sleep the whole day. My body now is aching from all the sleeping and I'm still exhausted since I have not really had a proper meal. Joe just happened to fly off right when I felt ill.. sigh.. but he's sweet enough to look after me through Skype.

Ok, my concentration is at it's lowest .. so I will have to cut off my blogging and do something more relaxing. 

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