Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Guilt Sets In

It's been so long since I last blogged about anything! I'm so guilty to have neglected this space for ohhh so long.

Recently, I've been having green hands and doing my own plants. From a terrarium, I have moved onto herb gardening. Well, I don't have a garden so I grow herbs in a small pot. My twin was sweet enough to get some for me from the nursery. ^.^ Ooowwwww!! Yes, you! Miss Oooowwwww... LOL!!!

After so many days, I finally see a sprout and I am so excited!! I hope more will be popping out soon as they give quite a few seeds and having just one will not be enough.

iPhone 5? 4S?

There has been quite a few news circulating online about the potentially next iphone 5 that is projected to be launched in September. For those who are interested, may read the following news/

Next iPhone to get enhanced voice control? 
iOS 5 Beta 3 Adds Gestures that Replace Hardware Buttons | iPhone 5
Apple to build 25 Million iPhone 5 Handsets in 2011 | iPhone 5

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