Sunday, August 07, 2011

Gatsby Bubble Hair Dye (Foam)

A lot of bubble hair dyes are being launched in sg now and I was deliberating between this and the Beauty Labo selection. I originally wanted to try Hoyu but since I had a new haircut, I needed a lighter shade of colour to give it a more fashionable change.

:: Almond Ash ::

I got this colour because of the shade of brown with the ash tint on it. On the hair shade colour printed on the box, it had a grey tint on the colour. Included with it is the developer, colour solution, nozzle and gloves. I think guys are lazier when it comes to colouring hair. So, maybe that's why they don't include the hair treatment. LOL! I'm just saying...

First of all, remember to use the gloves if you're clumsy with the colourants. It is a rubber texture and I believe it will fit most average hand sizes. My hand is quite small but it's still comfortable as compared to those that provide super large transparent gloves.

Pour the colourant into the solution and you will notice that the texture is different from Prettia. It has a thicker, gel-like texture instead.

When the colourant goes in, you can significantly notice how heavy it is due to the texture. It's separated from the developer that is push to the top. ^o^

Shake it up.. I followed the instruction on the booklet but I will advise to shake it differently. Instead of shaking it up and down forcefully, use a back and forth mixing method instead. It will take a little while more but there will be lesser bubbles at the end. In that way, your mixture has space to blend together.

See what I mean? When you shake it violently, all you get is bubbles and it's not going to be helpful when you squeeze it out.

Now, you change to the nozzle given. At this point, when you squeeze it to your hair, you may be anticipating foam oozing out like how Prettia works. Wrong!

You place the nozzle through your hair and squeeze it. The gel like texture will be something like what you see above. The bubbles are just due to the violent shaking that results with it but in actual fact, it's gel. It may drip very quickly so I will advise massaging with every squeeze. 

I can't tell you how amazingly foamy it is and the foam is not the kind of foam you see on Prettia that feels watery and disappears shortly. The foam is bouncy and stiff that holds like mousse. 

Turn your hair upside down and it will not even fall! Wow!

After some massaging, your hair will be super foamed up.. it's quite a good amount and the foam actually stays there.

After 20 minutes, the foam is still there and it turns into blue... I left it on for almost 30minutes and I thought it was looking a little light. After washing it off, the hair felt quite dry. I had used the first gen of their hair dyes before and it's really very bad for the scalp coz I think they have bleach in it. The foam one hurts a bit but after awhile you don't feel it. However, they are both as drying to the hair. I used a colour treatment after that.


:: Before & After ::

On the left, I used the Loreal Excellence Mousse dye that is not available here but you can get it in the US. The colour is more mahogany brown and darker since I used a medium brown shade. On the right is the Gatsby colour and you can see that it is not as light as expected. I suppose it's due to my darker shade of colour before that and it looked quite similar except that the shade is slightly lighter and with a more yellow tint to it. I am hoping to go lighter than that but I pretty much got sick of the Prettia platinum beige. If you like to go lighter with that same yellow base, I recommend that you go for that.  


Colour wise, Gatsby is still considered accurate with their colour shade. When I looked at the colour on the doll picture on the box, it's the same as mine. LOL! I believe if you lighten your hair further before using it, you may see more of the ash tones. The brown base is nice and subtle that does not give those copperish feel. They are also priced cheaper than the other bubble dyes with a very easy to use nozzle. The foam is to die for and one of the best texture that I have experience so far with the bubble dyes. I think the other brands should try to get that really creamy foam texture as well.

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