Monday, August 01, 2011

Monday Blues

What is it about Mondays that make you feel so blue? I'm feeling a tad restless today... on some days I love to stay in and do my stuff while today, I'm lost and not know what to do. -.-"

I've been finding some enjoyment in cooking these days and I've been having sandwiches for lunch for days. :) I find it to be quite filling, easy to make and nutritious all in one.

This is my "big mac" sandwich that I have generously added quite some ingredients. lol! There's like ham, lots of greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs, garlic and mushroom. I think it's quite a good meal for those who are looking to lose weight. I love to toast the bread to make it crispy and all. You can also add bacon to give it more taste but avoid it if you want to lose weight. This sandwich actually kept me full for a good 5 hours.

A weekend spent with my fashionable niece ^.^

:: Loots ::
We dropped by Uniqlo and found a super great sale going on. I'm not sure if it's still on or not but do go and grab some stuff. I got this crop jeans after a tip off from my twin. It's just $19.90 as compared to the retail price of $49.90.  The darker colors were even cheaper at $14.90 but light colors would make me fleshier.. I'm too thin already. -.-" I also got a white scoop neck t-shirt at $7.90. It is that dry material that is so in right now and it helps to keep you cool on hot days. I reckon they are clearing the summer apparels to bring in fall clothings. It's a bit early but if it's a sale then it doesn't really matter. LOL! The leggings if I remember seeing were at $14.90.

I got this from GMarket and I think it's really awesome! You can put up to 6 bags on this organizer and I use it at the corner of the wardrobe. It is good if you have a bit more space for this if you have bags that are not as flat or foldable. By the way, those bags are not mine.. lol! It's a sample picture from the seller... The quality is acceptable and quite tough. Although I felt that it could be cheaper but I had not seen that around.. so naturally you pay a bit more.

Is this cute or what? Not only does it keep your earphone cables need but there is a clip behind that I use it on my bag. I don't have to ransack around or tug at the cable to know where my phone is. Not to mention, it has all the kitty cuteness on it. :)

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