Saturday, August 06, 2011

Weekends Once Again

It's amazing how time passed by at a blink of an eye and at the end of a busy day, it's the weekends already.

The postmen came by one after another.. DHL, Singpost, Eurasia... and so did my loots. ;p i'm gonna have to ban myself from shopping for now. -.-

:: Loots ::

Huge bling on my toe, the quality is fine but workmanship.. Ahh well. I'm just gonna stick with getting shoes here. I think it's still better to try them out personally at the store.

I got 2 pairs from Taiwan and this is full black sequins with gold trimmings. The ribbon was kind of slanted but the overall is okay.

That was a last item that I promised myself while browsing gmkt. One thing that I learnt is don't always trust all the reviews online. Lol! The colours were nice and size was just a little not so accurate. The shape at the front was awkwardly fat and round while the sides were too narrow. It's still wearable and way cheaper than crocs.

:: OFTD ::

I'm trying to add other stuff besides t-shirts for a change but I just love baggy clothes. They're comfortable and versatile in many ways. The inside is a flare inner dress but it's good enough to wear it on it's own. If you don't want it to look too boring then u may add another layer like what I did. Pink always adds a feminine touch and some glow to the complexion. :)

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