Saturday, September 03, 2011

The Day I Had Lunch With Typhoon Talas #12

A week ago, there were reports of a typhoon hitting Japan but most of the time as I switched onto CNN - it was Hurricane Irene. The local news were in Japanese with no english subtitles but my Godma in Tokyo would keep me updated. :)

The day before I just stocked up on some simple food, preserve vegetables, milk, water, tea, etc. As much as the weather was predicted to be a 1 or 2 day event, I'm not about to give any chances to mother nature. Weather like woman are sometimes unpredictable, why do you thing it's called mother nature? Lol! Just saying..

Yesterday  (Friday), the stations were less crowded and for once I could easily walked through to the Ramen shop. People were hiding at home or left the day before as the winds were blowing by morning and it was gloomy from far away. By afternoon, rain was pouring down for a short while and later the endless movements of clouds passed by. I was sitting by the lounge on the 36th floor for 3 hours watching as the clouds were strongly blown along by the wind. The hotel staff peered out the window for a short while to check on any changes in the weather. Maybe he was worried that he would not be able to get home after his shift and not to mentioned the more affected areas of Japan were already raining continuously by then. At 8pm, the coastal areas have notice a rise in water level and the rain caused many low lying area to flood. It was reported that a few curious people who did silly things were missing in the storm. 1 went out to surf and the other was an old man who went to the river to check on the water level, both went missing.

I turned on the TV to check on the progress of the typhoon during midnight as it was the projected time to hit. It was moving so slow that the timing kept changing from Saturday to Friday then back to Saturday. There were live update predictions of the typhoon movement at the corner of the screen and by 1am, it finally hit parts of the coastal regions. The wind by that time was blowing loudly outside my window and it started raining. Throughout the night, the walls creaked louder by the hour and I could hardly sleep. Tossed and turned a dozen times along with the louder snoring sounds of Mr. Goh, I was going crazy with the lack of sleep. 

At 8 am, I looked out the window and a quiet city greeted me. There was no trains, no people walking around and the wind was still strong. A few cars were moving around and occasionally I hear the siren went off. 

Typhoon #12 at 1100hours, Saturday

It's 11am as I type, the weather is erratic and inconsistent all the time. I notice trains moving and there are people walking around with umbrellas. I can't imagine how people can still walk downstairs as the winds are so unpredicted and comes at sudden gusts. It is sunny one moment and the next it is raining with strong winds. I suppose it is such unpredictability that causes people to let down their guts to think it's fine to go out. The TV constantly reports on the progress and damage it has caused at the direct hit places as I await the arrival of the typhoon in Nagoya. 

The weather is said to be fine by Monday and I believe mother nature has been kind to us. :)

.. A local experience not included by major Tour Agency Itinerary 

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