Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Typhoon Roke #15

I find out how inefficient Japanese can be with the announcement of disasters heading their way. For a foreigner living on their land with no knowledge of understanding Japanese, I suggest reading up on newspapers on abroad. 

If there had not been notices put up at the restaurant last night about the typhoon, I had no idea. To think that I even went out in the rain to get snacks before I knew about it. Today when the newspaper came, it was not about the approach of the typhoon but what disasters it had created yesterday along the low lying areas of Nagoya. Even as I flipped through The Japan Times from yesterday, I read no news or warning about the typhoon. -.-"

Anyway, the typhoon is as of now hitting Nagoya as I type. I can hear the wind blowing against the glass and the rain has never stopped since yesterday morning. I looked out to see if there were Japanese crazy enough to walk around in that weather and there were none. During the last typhoon, people were still wondering around even though their umbrellas were flipped inside out by the wind. Maybe they are so numb to such weather that it doesn't matter in their life anymore..

An hour around, that was where the typhoon was located - right at the corners of Japan. Obviously, with the strong winds now, it is definitely hitting the mainland already. I suppose after today, it will be off to the other areas of Japan.

Apparently, there are a few people dead from the typhoon already and I suppose there maybe more news coming up tonight. At the breakfast table this morning, there were still people trying to find ways to fly out from other areas. Unless you're prepared to take a long bus ride out, otherwise the trains have stopped moving. I say it's better to just wait for it to go away since it will not be staying for long. Flight will most likely resume tomorrow morning.

News of Typhoon Roke:

(ps: not 1 Jap website came out when I search on the typhoon.. )

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