Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What Is The Right Bag?

I felt like doing this post after seeing this..

It's a simple boston shaped bag that can probably be used as an overnight bag as well. The colors for their range are subtle yet amazing. There is something about rustic looking bags that I love about and it shows in a few of my bags that I have. Sadly, I'm not home yet to show them since I'm now stuck in Japan. Anyway, I love the rusty brown shade on this bag and the low key Y that symbolises the brand. If you haven't known, it's Yves Saint Laurent. The only thing I have of YSL is the free tote in the Jap magazine. I'm just not tempted to part with thousands of dollars for their designs even though I love how it looks. 

A few days ago, I was cracking my brains out on bags. I had the urge of getting one but in the midst of choosing, I got lost along the way. Bags are costly and you wouldn't want to make the wrong decision on one but at the same time, it's not a solution to find a cheap bag that breaks every other month that you end up buying more bags which never lasts.

I was thinking of the Speedy and the Tivoli for dayssssss .. I always hear about the classic look of the design and the long lasting quality of it. 

This is the speedy 35 and my love for big bags are also apparent in the smaller shaped ones. I think the 35 is a good size for people who carry quite some stuff around. I always carry an umbrella with me, an organiser and sometimes a bottle that usually take up quite some space. Not to mention, a small purse don't always fit along wallet inside. I tried the 30 at the store but it did not look that big even on my 5ft 1" height. Those with as petite a frame as me can go for the 35 and not worry that it's going to be huge but I don't guarantee that it won't weigh u down too. I have a bag similar to this size and when it's 3/4 full, my arms ache after a day of shopping. The good thing is you can get a strap for this bag and sling it across or go for the newer version that has it attached to the sides.

In comparison, this will be better than getting the extra strap for the old speedy. It will hold the shape of the bag better and the strap will be more comfortable on your shoulders.

I was very tempted by this bag with the fold in the middle that caught my attention. The LV monogram can easily look old with the other styles but the fold and unusual downward shape makes it different from the older looks. The straps are adjustable for hand and shoulder carry but I personally think it will be weird if you make it short. Overtime, the bottom of the strap will look too long beyond the buckle and it curls upwards as the leather softens. 

It is very spacious with a wide bottom and the opening is so big you can fit a dog in it. The zipper is a bad point of the bag besides how heavy it will be when it's filled up. I cannot smoothly open the zipper with one hand but maybe for places with pickpockets, it's a good thing. The straps are like the speedy, round and thick. I know it's more attractive than flat handles but very soon it is going to lead to shoulder pains and backaches. 

The dimensions of the bag is similar to the medium Longchamp as I compared them side by side at the store. However, with the Longchamp light weight material - the LV weighs a ton as compared to it. It is quite big for someone my size and it is more of the weight that turns me off. 

I recently had a different take on Celine when they launched this bag and seeing it i real made it more stunning. The first time I saw this bag was actually an inspired bag sold online without any brand. I kept seeing it and wondered why that design was becoming so popular. Only when  saw one lady who casually walked into the lounge one night as I was surfing away on my Mac that I realised the reason behind it.

It has quite a few colors and some in very bright shades. Still, a bag  in black that attracts my attentions deserves a round of applause. The soft, leather and unusual flare out shape by the side, explained why they called it the luggage bag.

Things I note while choosing my bags:

- Design / Style / Size / Colours
- Comfort
- Price
- Functionality
- Brand and how it portrays itself to be

It is in no particular order as either one of the factor influences the other and sometimes if a design attracts me enough, I may forgo comfort or likewise. 

Another good example is the Birkin bag. In my opinion, it is the Queen of all Bags (like the Lamborghini of cars) and I admire how the brand has uphold it's quality, services and status of their name. However, on the realistic side such as the exorbitant price and the style of the bag that has not changed for many many years. I find the shape too simple and as much as the phrase, "Simplicity has it's own beauty".. I don't think it has to cost me over 15grand for it. I love simple bags to but perhaps with a bit of edge to it. The Birkin is far too simple but I believe there are always people who love that shape. If one day, I were to buy it.. I will pretty much admit that it's the brand and toxicity of the smell of it's quality leather.

My favourite is still the Blue Jean Birkin bag. If it's going to be simple, it better have eye catching colours.

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