Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Musee Platinum Tokyo

I'm posting this as I wait in the consultation room for the past 20minutes. Definitely not a good start for service wise.

I was give some forms to fill up to make sure ur in good health and know more about my past beauty salon experience.

Then, the lady has since disappeared till i can finish reading whatever that is left on the table now, surf facebook, etc. Zz ok its not as bad as my wait at Dr Chan clinic that has a minimum 1hr wait. Still...

I finally get to use the gift card bought at a rather good price and I thought there be less people so i don't have to wait for long..

Just for more information, u cab get free treatments when u recommend friends and the more referrals, the better. :)

Time is tickin.. 30mins already.. Why soo long?

I will fill in my information when the consultation does start.. Zzzz

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