Friday, December 02, 2011

Galaxy S2 VS. iPhone 4

It's been 2 weeks since I started using the Samsung Galaxy SII. I cannot quite put my heart down on which is better or maybe it's like a long lasting love that you cannot put aside.

My 2 winter white loves. Something about white phones that set the looks as far as a kampong length from the usual boring black mobiles. It makes a phone look more sleek and chic without the worry of it getting dirty. How perfect is that?

Even with the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note, I will recommend that you bite your teeth and go to sleep earlier every night so time can pass by faster to the official launch of the white version. 

Initially, I was intrigued by my friend's HTC phones or perhaps the flexibility of Android. Sadly, HTC does not deliver an all rounded phone package. From a girl's perspective, it has zero design... not even the white phones in their series are attractive. The heavy weight may not be a plus point for those who yearns for light weight phones and not to mention the iPhone maybe just as heavy but still they did not forget to make it a good looker. It's like seeing a macho man with untamed hair and unkept hygiene. 

I will say that the Samsung Galaxy SII and the iPhone 4/4S are very very strong competitors with each other. It is hard to say who is the better player but they each have their pros and cons.

1. Screen / Size
The first thing that strikes me is the size of the screen.. of cos the Galaxy SII has a bigger screen but they also makes it like a miniature of their LED TVs. The colors, vibrancy, brightness is amazing but it can appear fake for those who prefers the natural shades of color. Still for a phone, it is very attractive and I have encounters on a side by side comparison for the same picture - Galaxy SII makes it look so much better. The size of the screen also makes it easier for viewing and who knows maybe the potential iPhone 5 will have an upsized screen. ^^

Although the phone dimensions are bigger but it is actually slimmer than the iPhone 4 and lighter. They choose a good combination of physical and aesthetic factors to make it a perfect match altogether. iPhone on the other hand has a good size that does not make you think that the phone is going to slip off your hands anytime. It has the feel of metal that makes it more solid and the weight makes its a feel good factor on your hands. 

For this I prefer the Galaxy SII as I watch a videos and love browsing through picture on the phone. It is also an eye catcher to people beside me as they marvel at the sharp colors that it can deliver.

Another factor on the physical element of the two phones is the position of the lock buttons. I find that the lock button on the Galaxy II is at a place where you will accidentally press onto the volume buttons as well. The way the hand is position when you try to lock your phone that you may end up lowering or increasing the volume of your ringtone. Whereas you tend not to press onto other buttons when you are locking the iPhone.

2. Camera
The iPhone 4S will be a better comparison for the camera so I can only comment that the camera on the Galaxy SII is quite fast in it's response and most of the time deliver sharp pictures. Especially when I am taking picture in motion, it can mostly capture it well as compared to my iPhone. Even with flash on white surface, I am able to capture the words and there is little reflection of the white on the photo. I was trying to capture a close up of the words on a piece of paper and I was amazed at how clear it was on the first take. Another difference between the 2 cameras is that iPhone lives up to it's reputation to be a fuss free phone and the camera settings are mostly quite automatic. The Samsung allows you to specifically set the camera with various functions from the exposure, white balance to the iso, etc. 

3. Apple OS VS. Android
They are similar in certain ways but each has their own characteristics. The Apple OS is so convenient in several ways. You can conveniently download your apps from the app store without having to go through the trial and error phrase. The reviews on the app store is more accurate and due to the high amount of iPhone users worldwide, you get to read more reviews before deciding to download. They conveniently lets you choose the top rated ones and you do not have to go through all 100 of them like on Android Market.

On the other hand, the Android Market provides free apps that maybe payable on the Apple store. Still I realised that some are not really that free and you just got to deal with the ads in the app. Still they have the features of the full paid apps in Apple store. It is also very easy to get "jailbroken" apps onto your android phones. All it takes is a one night of usage and I have already set up my phone, downloaded several apps that included the jailbroken ones as well. 

4. User Friendly
With regards to this factor, they are of a close fight but I do find some differences in them that is quite hard to describe. For instance, in comparison of 2 Android phones of different models and they can have quite a different user interface to it. I was originally playing around with a few cheaper models of Android phones and I clearly wanted to trashed them into the bin. They are incredibly complicating to use as a first timer and I can just understand why the aunties or uncles will prefer the iPhone. 

It maybe coincidental that somehow the more expensive or so call better models of the Android phones have almost quite a similar interface as the iPhone. The only difference is the number of customisable features in an Android. You can change almost anything from each individual font, placement, colors, format, whatever.. Till an extent that you really wonder how much you use those features. I use them but not in that extend. 

So for those who love to change every bit of their phone display or feature, the Android maybe in your favor. For the general user who just want to have the capability of choices for the main functions, iPhone is the way to go.

5. Price
The price tag speaks for itself...

Since I am not too technical person, I cannot comment a lot into details on everything about the phone. These are just some of the general guidelines for a general view of it. ^.^

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