Thursday, February 02, 2012

Popin Cooking Hobby? Really?

Is this a new revolution to cooking (some are not edible.. mind you) or a single person's hobby gone wrong?

They call this, Popin Cooking.. if you have no idea what it is, please view the following videos.

In my opinion, this is definitely not a revolution of cooking or not that it is even edible. Even if it were to be edible, that's only sufficient to feed an ant.

I first saw this online and it looked fascinating as it reminded me of PlayDoh. It's fun to play with PlayDoh for their variety of colors and the array of real life scale size things you can creatively do out of their range of toys now. Popin cooking is fascinating (at first) but after watching more videos, I find the tiny scale "kitchen" toy and use soda liquid as "boiling water" or "sizzling oil" looks too weird for anyone to play with. Kids don't have that accurate hand coordinations to carry out the intricate food prep procedures and the size of the items are too small for an adult hand.

It makes me really wonder what is this so call toy or hobby is invented for..

This is an ironic way to treat it as a hobby that eventually makes you feel lonelier than ever..

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