Sunday, February 19, 2012

Reflections For The Dragon Year

The weather lately been a little crazy. As I sat on the cosy sofa with the view of the street just next to the window, the snow has been coming down the whole afternoon. The lightness and soft texture makes it all so beautiful. 

Thought 1 : Karma Gets to You Faster Than You Know

It's been an eventful start to the Dragon year with more than unexpected twists and turns in life. Life is always filled with ups and down - what does not kill you will just make you a stronger person. The incident has changed my view on the people I have met and even those who I have been kind to decided to take it for granted. 

A friend once told me that, "Doesn't mean that a woman doesn't say it, means she doesn't know it". Its so true to those men who has made mistakes to think that everyone else will never find out.

Even till the day I last saw him, the levels of awkwardness was apparent in the air but he still kept a straight face thinking that the whole world had no idea of his cunning deeds. I looked him in the eyes for many days and there was this strange sense of hesitation as he spoke and pondered on his every thought. The lies he had spun to get us into trouble was eating into him. Fear was written on his face and heard in his voice. In order for others to not find out the faults that he had committed, he decided to conveniently push it to someone else. Similar to how when we were young and we used to blame our siblings for finishing up the chocolate in the fridge. It's a pity that those who sat in the comfort of their office thought that they knew everything when they were all being played by the very person who they thought was telling the truth.

I always believe that a real man will not stoop to unethical and undignified methods in handling his problems, whether is it work or personal.

The old saying, "Never judge a book by it's cover"stays stuck in my head for the rest of my life. Don't feel a sense of stupidity to have believed them as we all know that ultimately that very person is quietly suffering for his deeds and spinning more lies to cover those that had been said.

Usually I will say that karma will come one day but apparently in this modern world, the uncle upstairs have decided that karma shall not have to wait. Everything that happened just fell into place and even on the day that I showed my last act of kindness,  the "uncle" decided that I need not have to suffer for it but instead placed the suffering on that person instead.

I do not deny having evil thoughts to get back at him and it's human nature. However, my self conscience told me that there is always a right time to do the right things. I have buried those thoughts in me and learn to let go of those negative feelings till who knows maybe one day I may let those truthful thoughts out. :) Just need the right time for it all.

Wise Words from the Bible:

Matthew 23:28 Even so you seem to men to be full of righteousness, but inside you are all false and full of wrongdoing.

A confession will never wash you off those sins but only truth be told will save you from yourself.


Thought 2 : Relationships

Now that I look back to those eventful days, I must say that my bond with my husband will continue to grow stronger and how the support has pulled us through the decade that we have been together. We hold no lies between each other, we don't have to put on masks to look good for each other and we learn that no matter what others may say about the negative influences, we have what they do not have - us.

When we nag at each other, it's not to put our concerns before others but to make sure nothing or no one else will hurt the other person more than ourselves.

The mistakes of 2 couples that I have seen recently 4 very different people with one similarity. Every time, I watch them being a person different from themselves and trying to look happy to the person next to them. 

A distress person tries to look dominating to her but ends up bringing more unhappiness with his lack of understanding and persistence. A girl who has other issues more important in her life being overly cheery with a lack of optimism. The irony is apparent but denied between themselves. The feelings get hidden, built up and over time, it's gonna explode some day.

Another who blames fate in the mistakes of love but in truth, sometimes it's the choices made that ends with the same consequences. 

I'm never a firm believer that a relationship is always a smooth sailing boat where at the slight argument will spark a discouragement or a failure. As weak as a human mind may get, I suggest to look into the mirror - tell yourself to be a strong person before you can go out there to be strong for the person you want to be with. Find the right person who will see you truly for who you are and not the person you want them to see you as.

With all these thoughts in mind, I believe the Dragon year will end very well since it's probably one of the crappiest start of a lunar year I ever had. Lol! 

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SundayGal said...

sometimes... that which did not kill you sometimes makes you want to die.. that may just be how "that" person may be feeling right now =)