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Celine, what's this luggage all about?

A Luggage no longer looks like any other regular luggage.. 

What is this obsession with the sudden rise in the popularity of the Celine Luggage

I still remembered seeing it sitting on the shelves of Celine with no one asking to be wait listed and neither did I see anyone carrying a Celine bag. Now, you are bound to bump into one round the corner in every possible size, colour or leather. Of course, it's still not as popular as compared to the Louis Vuitton or Prada but Celine definitely catches the eye with it's popping colours and tradition square look. 

The lines on the bag reminds me of the womanly curves that adds a certain femininity to what may potentially be a boring boxy bag. Well, if there are lots of after market designs out there then it has to be one of the must have bags in the wardrobe of ladies today. The use of calf leather gives it a smooth or grainy texture and the suede material adds a touch of luxury. The thick handles gives it a hardy feel and since it's partly a "luggage", it should be made to withstand some form of weight within the bag. 

Luggage Sizes,

Nano, being the smallest that I've seen at the stores (8" x 8" x 4") and it comes with a cross sling that gives you the option to be handsfree while shopping. 

Modeling Photo of the Nano on the right and it does give it a more carefree style with the cross body look.

Bright colors seem to go very well with the Nano sizes and they are mostly sold out by the time they hit the stores. The only downside is the size and it's only for those who do not carry their "lives" with them on a daily basis. :)


Micro, is significantly bigger than the nano but you can't really tell much difference with the mini size on picture. With a slight size difference of  (10" x 10" x 6"), unless you put them together that the difference is apparent. Still, if you have just one more pouch to throw into the bag then the extra inches are important. 

This size fits a Petite and average body frame without looking like you're carrying a runaway bag. There were comments that the weight of the bag was just right for smaller frame girls. Unless like me, you enjoy the weight of heavy, luxurious leathers and telling yourself it's all worth it. (lol!)


Mini, being the next bigger sizer is at (12" x 12" x 7"). The size of the bag is not as mini as it's name. It does have a considerably good space within the bag to put quite a number of essential stuff that woman love to bring along with them everyday.

Judging by the modeling photo on the right, we can see that it is pretty much the size of an average bag.

There are quite a number of colours and materials made in this size but with the demand or limited supply of bags produced, it is often hard to be sitting around waiting for the exact one to come along.

Calf leather and suede are once again the popular leathers used but they are rolling out exotic skins such as python. 

I mentioned before about the size difference on the Micro and Mini. This picture shows you a side by side comparison between the 2 of them. There are ladies who like to carry their iPads around and the Mini is said to be a better size for them.

Choosing between the 2 depends on your lifestyle and the things you normally carry with you. 


Medium, a bigger version for the "life carrier" as I call them or myself. I do tend to carry my life around with me as I get frustrated when there is something I need and it isn't there. With this size (15" x 16" x 7"), you can bring along pretty much anything but your blankie.. (kidding)
You can throw in your lunch box, magazines.. whatever. It does have a masculine appearance due to it's size but it's good news for the men. It has been spotted on the stylish male trend setters as well.


Phantom, comes in 2 sizes - small (11" x 12" x 10") and large (13" x 14" 11"). It is what I will really call as a luggage. The size and depth of it is amazingly spacious with just the small one outdoing several of the above sizes. It is also by far one of my favourite of the Celine range of bags with a exceptionally wide wing span. 

For those who are not aware, all Celine luggages have wings on the side of the bags that gives it the character and a little extra room for you to look for stuff. The wings on the phantom resembles that of a bat and I love the tassels at the end that are actually used to hold the wings in. 

This can also be a weekender bag as it does not have a zipper (the downside to it) and you can stuff it tons with the depth of it being 10" wide. 

I am just in love with this (heart)!


Shoulder, a similar size to the medium but in a rectangular shape. (15" x 12" x 7") The shape of the shoulder luggage is so unlike the luggage style and the long straps just look out of place. I will wish this style was never even launched. 

Personally, I didn't think that this was even necessary and anyone who love the luggage range will go for the medium that can provide them with just the same amount of space that they need. If your arms are slim, you may even be able to slip some of the other sizes onto your shoulder.


The Trapeze is an upcoming popular design from Celine and I think the simplicity yet unique lines of the bag gives it a certain character. Subtle yet elegant but special. Perfect for the individualistic office lady who needs the functionality of the bag and enhance their own professional style with something different. 

Certain details of it are followed after their ever classic Box bag and it reminds me so much of the bags that the SIA girls are using. 

Celine has always had clean lines when it comes to their brand and style although the new addition of bright colours, exotic skins are essential in keeping up with the fashion revolution. 

Their leather has a luxurious feel with that intoxicating smell and the dark rich colours makes it look absolutely stunning. The workmanship is excellent and unlike certain brands where you can sometimes find flaws even on their brand new bags. Quality control is lacking in the mass market luxury brands - I need not mention names if you are a bag lover yourself. These are just my observation through the various boutiques I have been to and now I appreciate that waiting can be quite worthwhile.

From being a MTM children's shoe business to a luxury brand recognised just by looking at their styles of bag, gives a good idea of how strong their branding stands within the luxury fashion industry. Much of their bag making history can be seen by their diversified designs from their beginnings to their future sights on this luxury name.

*All pictures are attained online as reference to it's style and size*

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