Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hermes, The Gift Of Time


Time as what Hermès suggested is key in embracing that perfectly harmonised bag that is not only a beauty to look at but a functional and luxurious piece of workmanship. Time is needed to sew on every stitch and inspect on every piece. Ultimately, have we taken time to embrace and enjoy every second of it. 

Hilton McConnico is a scenographer and a long time partner with Hermès, creating these art installation for their travelling exhibition. It is shaped in a circular walk through that brings you through Hermès Journey in Time. 

Never forget : The first role of Light is to make the Dark more beautiful, and not to measure the days.

The Notion of Free Time

A small Hermès pouch will be given to each guest at this time to keep away all your distracting phone or watches. You may take your time to read through the quotes on the walls or ceilings and watch the videos showcasing their craft work and accessories. 


Time Suspended Le Temps Suspendu,

Precision of time with the representation of their time pieces. I noticed the horse hoof marks along the sand as a representation of the Hermès signature animal


Time Balance,

The top is a representation of the second hand that goes round the table with the right precision, patience and pace. It slows you down the second you enter this room with the amazement of an usual combination of a dinner table and a tradition toy. Maybe that is what Art is all about, an interpretation of your own that need not be understood but it presents an identical sensory emotion to all. Subconsciously moving along with it and amazed by the intricate art of balance.


Stroke of Time,

The movement of time with the touch of various kinds of leather pieced together into the face of a cat. Feel it as you moved through the room and watch as the Hermes bag works as a pendulum.


Imaginary Time,

A dark room awaits you where you lay back to look at the kaleidoscopic movement of colours that brings you into an imaginary mode. It slows you down further and you soon realise that you no longer sense the presence of anyone but your own thoughts.


The Gift Of Time,

Just like ageless trees where time is endless. The use of their ceramic ware in circular shapes, emphasising once again the endless motion of time. The whimsical use of leather accessories bringing you out of the real world and into a state of imaginary mind. An usual put-together but it stimulates your mind to wonder into the mystery of it all.


The exhibition is located at the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and if you're intrigued - tomorrow is the last day (or rather today as this is posted).

Feel free to run around the old railway tracks or just sit down to enjoy time with your friends. Have a cup of coffee and bring yourself back to those good old childhood days with the sale of old school snacks at the corner. This is indeed the perfect location that brings the same thoughts of time, I find myself slowing down to enjoy what seems to be abandoned in time.

As the sunsets, I feel much enjoyment in just that small span of time within the Gift Of Time.

 “Time is like a circle – it has no end, no middle, no start. It is always sending ripples around the mind and around the heart,”

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