Thursday, August 29, 2013

Review : Celine Croc Embossed Phantom

It's been more than a year since I typed an entry. There were other priorities that I had to focus on and with my guilt of neglecting the blog, I pried my hands off my newly bought Nintendo 3DS that I had been addictively playing away. 

(Disclaimer - no.. the nintendo was not a priority, it just happened to be my latest temptation.)

Presenting.. The Celine Phantom in Croc Embossed (Small)

Many many months ago, I chanced upon the Celine Croc Embossed Phantom that was sitting on the shelves of Celine looking all lonely and sad. I was eyeing it online and never expected to see it so easily the next day. It was the craze at that time but I had seen it around frequently (lately). 

 There was something about it's slight sheen on the matte embossed croc leather that gave it a certain character. Black, a versatile colour but a not so boring chic design that did not break an entire bank. Not to mention, croc friendly with it's replicated embossment of it's gorgeous scale. One would worry that the scales possibly looked unrealistic but the details were lovely. 

The wings of the phantom gave it the "wow" factor that made it looked magnificent. A glorious design that added a luxurious touch to everything else. A light gold hardware matched perfectly without distracting your eyes away from the vast details.

Now, it was not without it's flaws.. The most obvious was it's size and weight. The bag was a small but it was big enough to be used as an overnighter and as a travel bag to places where it's safe to use without a zip (yes.. another flaw!) There were a few straps on both sides of the bag that you could pull together and strap together. However, it provided not much security to the contents within and hands could easily reach in with full access to everything.

Throw in a few daily necessities and you easily hit almost 2.5kg. Carrying a small sack of rice around was no joke on my little arms and for those who will include a work organiser (etc..), you better start training your arms for it. I also realised that the length or design of the handle added to the problem. A few of my medium/big bags had similar items but it did not hurt my arm as bad as the phantom. There were bruises at the end of the day each time I carried it. I was told by the SAs at the store that the Mini weighed pretty much the same as the phantom. Dang!!

Interior had a nice touch of suede but I was not sure if it's going to get dirty with prolonged usage. I would advise against putting anything damp inside or else it's going to leave a mark. An extra zip pocket by the side was good for the little stuff that I did not want to frantically ransack through that massive space within. I found it easier to manage with a bag organiser or pouches.

Conclusion - As gorgeous as it looked, I was less tolerant of its lack of comfort on the arms when the items weighed in within. My bags are usually heavy and this bag indeed has hit my limit to the amount of pain one is willing to suffer for beauty. Celine, please make a micro in this print.. 

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