Friday, March 28, 2014

DIY Hair Color Reviews (Loreal, Phyto)

I decided that writing does give a certain therapeutic effect to our overall well being. A brain stimulater in certain ways that makes us reflect and have better decision making in the future. It's been many months since I wrote.. so here goes~

This is a backlog and current review of the DIY hair colour that I have been trying throughout the months. With the increasing cost of living, hair services at the salon naturally goes up as well. Unless you have short hair, it's going to cost you quite a bomb to get it done at any of the salons in the market. If you can put aside a day in your free time (usually it just takes about 1hour), you can do a proper job with DIY hair colours. It's even better if you have someone at home who can help you with it. 

During CNY, I decided to go with the Loreal Excellence Fashion Colour in Ashy Nude Brown (5.13). I was looking for a darker shade but not to the extend of a dark brown colour. If you want really lasting, vibrant red (tested and proven by a friend) then you may want to consider trying out this range.  Be warned that it is so lasting (at least thats what I saw happened to a friend) that it is impossible for my friend to re-color it to other colours and she ended up having brown roots and red ends. Well.. not quite the most pleasant ending but you may give it a try and if the red last up to 3 months - please go to a salon to get a re-color as the red is unbelievably stubborn.

The Ashy Nude Brown was suppose to be a darker shade of a fashionable brown as shown on the box itself. If you have hair length that goes beyond your shoulders, 2 boxes of hair dye will be required for a more thorough job. Occasionally, there are promotional prices if you purchase 2 boxes at a go or you may wait for the ever frequent Watson's member card sale.

Since I have coloured hair, the first 10 minutes of the hair colouring is dedicated to the roots and the rest of the 20mins for the ends. My hair picks up colour really quick and 30 minutes is way sufficient for me. If you have thick and stubborn hair, I will suggest that you pick a lighter shade than the one you like and leave it on for no more than 45 minutes. Monitor your hair between the timing if you're unsure as some who has naturally frizzy or dry hair may have to be careful not to leave it on too long. The best way is to work on the back of your head and move forward to the front. Using a clip to separate your hair as you move forward and use your fingers then a comb to make sure that the strands are covered with the dye. Cream dyes are more time consuming as combs are essential to make sure that the colour is evenly distributed. You will surely miss a spot here and there if you use your fingers. Take your time to make sure that you comb through carefully and be gentle as hair do tangle easily when it's moist. If you work it too hard, your hair will be further damaged with the rough handling.

The colour was exceptionally vibrant under the sunlight and I noticed that it seemed to be a trademark of Loreal Hair Dyes. I was surprise by the milky shade of brown that you will only see in Japanese magazines or by using (domestic) J brands of hair colorants. 

Under fluorescent lighting, it was still in a shade of a medium brown. The colour shown on the box and the actual colour was quite close and lasted for about close to 2 months before it started fading and turning to a light brown or a washed out brown. A sign for you to do a touchup and a re-color as it usually makes you look sick or pale.

With the frequent colouring, comes with it's price to pay.. dry ends and a sensitive scalp. 

After 2 months from the colour above, I decided to go for a more reputable brand - Phyto. I used their shampoo when I developed a sensitive scalp for a short period of time. With daily use, it soothed my scalp very well. The downside was it's costly price but compared to similar range of shampoos that were just as reputable, it was slightly cheaper. Such shampoos also depended on botanic ingredients to cleanse the scalp, hence the lack of lather might be a problem for most generic shampoo users. Do remember to cleanse only the scalp area and allow the lather to flow down your hair. Not only you will find that your usage is just a 50cent coin amount but your hair ends are clean and less dry. 

Phyto Ultra Shine Permanent Hair Colour
Light Chestnut No.5

With it's signature botanic ingredients, it claims to give vibrant colours. I have chosen this colour for it's darker shade of brown as compare to the Loreal.

The hair dye smelled like the rest when mixed together but surprisingly it did not leave any tingling sensation on the scalp. It felt as scalp friendly as it had claimed. 2 boxes are required to fully cover long hair lengths and remember to use a comb for even distribution. In just 10 minutes, my roots were turning lighter and 20 minutes later, the whole head was done.

The shades of browns that I have chosen are pretty close as they are my all time favourite. Phyto shade is darker and it lives up to it's vibrant claims that does not lose out to the Loreal. Between the Loreal and the Phyto, I will choose Phyto if the colour is able to last longer. The scalp protection is also a bonus for those who do frequent colouring.

Brands that I do not recommend..

I tried Beauty Hair Color by Eric Favre and despite its claims of zero ammonia, paraben, SLS and silicone - it's a total thumbs down for it's result. The hair felt dry even without the chemicals, lack of grey coverage and it probably has the shortest lasting hair colour. With a price tag equivalent to Phyto, I say you better keep your cash for a nicer meal.

Pssst.. another brand that I have stopped using for years is Liese. A few little birdies (including salon stylists) have dropped by my window ledge and told me that it has caused some balding for some who have used it. While others questioned how they can get such fashionable colours onto the hair so well.. That's something I wondered for quite a long time and same goes with the other Japanese brands that I got from their domestic market. Those lovely milky shades that one can only get through bleaching at the salon is easily achieved with the J domestic DIY brands. Amazing isn't it.. ;)


Backseat Driver said...

Hey, I'm considering getting Phyto hair dye. How was your experience with it? Did it last long?

Bling Queen FuFu said...

It is one of my favourite hair dye brands and it does last pretty well. Do give it a try. The only downside is the inconvenience of using it as its not in a foam texture.

Backseat Driver said...

Done! Ditto on the foam - the mixture is very sticky that the dye won't spread evenly. A colorist applied the dye and I wish she sprayed my head with a little water to spread it better. Yep, their colors run dark and I think next time I'll mix 7 and 8 - I thought 7 was too dark for light blond. And I'll get 3 tubes instead of 2, my hair is below shoulder and quite thick.

Anonymous said...

I came across this while looking for reviews on Phyto and I think I will try it out! I agree with the Liese - I used it for years because it could give me the ashy brown without red pigments in one step. However, after they revamped their supposedly "new and improved" bubble formula, it totally killed my hair. I'm never going back to Liese! :(

Bling Queen FuFu said...

Backseat Driver,

I will love to have a stylist apply the colour for me and that will make life so much easier. Usually when I colour my hair, I do not spray water but does it make a difference? It's understandable that the Phyto colours are darker since they have good grey coverage. Till date I have not seen a light colour that gives proper grey coverage even if they claim to be able to do so.


I have no idea what new improvements Liese made to their brand as well. I thought it still feels the same..