Thursday, March 19, 2015

There are times in life where you feel like shouting to the world,
Telling them your worries, fears and troubles..


There will always be a right time to do the right things with the right person,
Relationships, family or friendship.

You're never alone in this world,
Whether you're suffering, smiling or in fear.
There's always someone out there who will understand you,
Love you,
Respect you.

In life we move along often going through good and bad times..
We can walk with safety lines only to fear the drop..
Hold someone's hand so the pebble path feels smoother..
You ask if you want to be hidden in the masses,
Or standing up there feeling the wind through your fingers and the freedom in your hands.


I ask myself many questions, pushing myself in difficult situations that I'm placed in and many times whether I like it or not. I think, I talk, I ponder and I tell myself that there will always be something that I will learn from it. 

To push myself is not to be hard on me,
But to make the tough road ahead a little smoother and easier to accept and conquer. 

Stay true, be You! 
Because no one else out is gonna be as honest to you, as you are to yourself. 

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