Thursday, July 14, 2016

Pregnant! How did I know?! Test Kits Review

I am not sure if I should say that it came as a surprise (or not) when I knew about the pregnancy but I guess it is, after so many disappointments over the years. It was just another regular day that I decided to do a pregnancy test and I honestly did it for fun. I wasn't expecting anything in return.

Just a short review for the pregnancy test kits that I have tried.

Online Brand

You can get these test strips from Qoo10 for a couple of cents and whenever I didn't see a line on it, I always thought maybe it wasn't working. Apparently, they do work. It was too faint to judge and so I got more test kits the following day. However, I do recommend these to those who wish to try as they are really economical and relatively easy to use.

Pharmacy Shelf Brands

Fortel, Watson, Clearblue (left to right)

Tried out a few different brands to see how well they worked. They were all dipped into the same "pool" and the line intensity showed their sensitivity. I was surprised at how well the Watsons brand picked up the HCG levels as compared to another brand (on the left) that cost at least double the price. Still, I recommend Clearblue digital as you do not need to wonder if the line is there (or not) and it even gives you a rough guide as to how far along you are. It is probably one of the more expensive kits in the market but you can use the cheap strips first. 

However, everyone's body is different so what works for me may not work for you. Just a suggestion for those who are interested to find out.


Since we are at the topic of test strips, I shall add on the use of ovulation strips.

In my opinion, this invention is amazing. Using this to track my ovulation was way easier than the use of body temperature and cervical mucus. Appropriate use of it is essential for accurate results, such as not peeing pass the line and try as much as possible to test around the same time of the day. I heard from several couples who got pregnant faster with the kits but it depended on individual as well. Your body may not ovulate even with a positive result or some who do ovulate even though their lines do not appear to be positive. Nevertheless, I like how it allows us to understand our bodies better and having a healthy ovulation/period is also crucial to a womens health. I don't see it as just a tool to conception but also a way of healthy living. 

There are other brands that I will recommend if you prefer more options and one of them is Wondfo. It is not as easy to purchase but you can get it in bulk on Amazon. I find this brand to be highly sensitive as well. 

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