Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Morning Sickness (First Trimester)

As a first timer to pregnancy, there will always be questions about whether you will get morning sickness or not. Unfortunately, we all do not get to choose and morning sickness comes naturally to some of us. I'm not spared.. It can vary from something as minor as slight nausea or in serious cases, hyperemesis gravidarum. 

My experince was somewhat in the lower to mid range level which started with some mild nausea, acid reflux, bloatedness and fortunately I only vomitted twice within the first 16 weeks. Looking back, it happened because I was still new to it and did not know what I should do or eat to make myself feel better. So as any curious pregnant woman, I took to the internet for advice and it came back with a few common advices. 

Drinking water

  • Tastes horrible with metalic taste but I still feel thirsty regardless of the amount I drink.
  • Advice was to add lemon or some form of fruits to flavour it and make it more tasty.
  • Cold beverages helped to keep my thirst at bay 
  • Manuka honey tasted good and it helped with my digestion
  • Ice cubes were also mentioned if water didn't appeal to them


  • Dry soda biscuits worked for me and I bought the wholemeal variety for added nutrients
  • By my bedside, in my bag and sometimes before lunchtime as slight hunger didn't help when I am simply queuing up for food. ( once I almost had a fainting spell just waiting in line - sit down or squat immediately if you feel it coming)
  • Preserve mandarin peels, plums, sour candy works wonder when I had a sudden urge of nausea. The sudden extreme taste distracted my mind from it and hence temporarily feeling better.
  • Natural flavoured candies felt great when I have to be on public transport. 
  • Other foods such as pickles, toast, lemons, Jell-O, popsicles, ginger tea, etc.

Meals on the otherhand was a tricky issue to deal with. I had a lot of aversions to food but most of the time I managed to keep it down. I stayed away from fish and cheese since these were the common food that came with a "smell". It ain't easy but I had to trial many types of food before I knew what worked for me. Noodle soup sat well in my tummy even though there were fishballs in it but I ordered it with minced meat to keep my blood counts healthy. Handmade noodles (Ban mian) was also one of the food I ate at least 3-4 times a week as it tasted fine and in it was meat, veg and eggs. I got my carbs, protein, fibre and other nutrients from the egg. On days when I felt sick of it, I will have an egg prata, made pasta with minced meat or had cai peng where I could choose a balance of dishes. 

Food I avoided
Fish (cooked or raw)
Too much sour food (can cause acid reflux)
Herbal soups (there maybe herbs that are not suitable for preggies)
Dairy products (caused bloatedness for me)

Food I ate
Crackers, butter rolls, toast
Candies are my treat
Handmade noodles
Cai Peng (a selection of asian dishes with rice)
Yong Tao hu ( veggies, tofu, noodle - light meal that is easily digested)
Prata, Buns (tea time snacks, supper)

The list can vary according to what suits you but most importantly is to keep trying to see what works best. Do not be afraid to eat just because you're feeling nauseous as starving your body will not make you feel any better. I had at least 5-6 meals a day to keep my hunger pangs at bay and I tend to keep the quantities down for easier digestion. I was also advised by a doctor to eat what I felt like eating and I could make up for the lack of nutrients later in my second trimester. It was great that I did not have much weird cravings and junk food was not in my menu.

Other ways to deal with morning sickness,
Nausea - I cough or do a gaggin motion, strangely I feel better after that.
Some people take a nap or sleep through it.
Smell lemons
Some doctors prescribe vitamin B6 to help with the nausea

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